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Discovering the Magic of Uncle Willy’s Christmas Party 2016


So this year was our second Uncle Willy’s party…Say, who now!? Yes, Uncle Willy’s Christmas party…Havent heard of it before? Yeah, don’t worry, neither did I. I had never heard about this uncle and his party till about three years ago, when I noticed it on one or two friends’ Facebook feeds, as well as two other bloggers’ posts. Let’s just say it was super secretive way back then, and wasn’t really part of our culture. But it is now, and Im so glad the secret is out!

Because, naturally I was curious to see what it was about..I mean, tis a Christmas party after all. And if you know anything about me at all from this blog, it’s that Im all over holidays. Especially Christmas. so of course I was freakin curious. A party filled with magic and fun, with a special appearance by St. Nick himself, all made in love by volunteers who give up their free time for this? Hell yeah, Im in!

So this year, was our second time there – and it was lovely! But I feel kinda Pulp Fictiony to dive right into this year’s party when I didn’t even share last years one with you. Which reminds me, I still have an old post titled “Posts of Christmases Past” that I started two years ago, but as all Decembers go, things get hectic, time becomes scarce and the to-do list becomes epic and so many…so, so , so many posts just fall by the way side. So in my efforts to maybe ever catch up on it somewhat, I thought I’d take a stab at last year’s party at least!

So without further ado, Uncle Willy’s Christmas party 2016…

It was one filled with so much anticipation…I mean, Im always bitching about the fact that SA is so behind where cool and funky holiday activities are concerned. Don’t get me wrong, we’re getting there, especially if you consider Dino’s Alive out at Cape Gate Mall, and Space Station out at Canal Walk right now. But Im talking about Halloween Pumpkin patches with hay rides and mazes all through October, and Christmas Villages that are made to look like the North Pole for kids to frolic in, in the build up to Christmas. So, yes, I’ve been moaning about it for some time now..that is until I got word about these Uncle Paul, Uncle Willy and NOddy parties. And I am pleased to say they do not disappoint!

I will not tell you what all happens, as Im just not going to spoil the fun and surprise if you’ve never been before. But just know that there is a lot of hay. And it gets in everywhere. Like, everywhere. Not even the tightest of underwear will keep it out. And you will probably eat it too. But Uncle Willy’s delivered on the charm that is promised. There was fun. So much fun. And magic. Magic that even had me intrigued…

Of course all didn’t go without a hitch for us…despite all the build up for the girls, unfortunately our little Paxy fell ill two days before with viral conjunctivitis. My mama heart was breaking for her, because both she and Morgy had been singing songs in anticipation for the night. But I had heard of the legend of the hay fights at these parties, and felt there was no way I could chance something else also flying into her eye, and making it worse for her. Nor was I going to risk being a really bad mom by possibly making her more ill by sitting in cold outdoors for the sake of frivolous fun. So we had to say goodbye to a very understanding but sad faced Pax at grandma’s.

Morgy however revelled in the idea of getting to have a super special datenight with BOTH her folks. And we too, held tight onto that silver lining goggle view.

The tractor escort into the venue was a fun intro for Morgy. But even more so when the doors to the venue swung open and she saw the chaotic fun infront of her…Not even two seconds in, as we walked through the doors, I dumped an armful of hay all over her. At first she looked at me in confusion, but then burst out laughing as she realised she was amidst a mass hay fight and she was my first target. It was like it hit her, tonight was going to be Epic!

Mike and I made ourselves comfy (or as comfy as a Preggo such as I could get sitting on the ground of hay), while Morgy, being her gregarious self, made a few friends and did hay drive by’s.

I know for sure she was thrilled by the fact that she got to have dessert before supper – as is protocol at Uncle Willy’s. And she still speaks about the fact that she got to drink Coke…yes, my kids live such sheltered lives. 🙂 In fact, she still speaks about it to this day. (I overheard her excitedly telling her nanny the other day that she’s off to uncle willy’s and she gets to have “a WHOLE coke all to myself!”)

This girl of ours was so mezmerized by it all, and just so all in, I couldn’t help but watch her face all night.

I also wanted to be by her side, but miss indepedant over here kept chasing me away saying things like, “yes, that’s nice ma…now go sit back over with the other adults please”…I kid you not. Seriously. So much for being by your side through this magical night.

On the other hand I love how independent and ready and eager she is to experience this life. Grateful and hungry for the chance at it. I can see I may have to truly ready myself for her to want to set off into the wide world on her own one day…Perhaps sooner than I think.

In fact, I think I now understand how my dad must have felt when I came to him as a teenager, ready to set off on my own.

Speaking of growing up, that night girl lost her first tooth. Like her very first tooth. It was only much later in the next day that we realised it had fallen out and was no where to be found. At which point, cue dramatic break down from one little five year old, while mom and dad rolled out plan B’s like we were getting paid for it.

I still haven’t shared that story on the blog yet, maybe once all the
Christmas hub-bub settles down. But chances are that tooth was lost amidst all the fun of the hay fights that evening.

We left that night, well past bedtimes..chuffed that we found a new spot to make more Christmassy memories for our little family. A place where fantasies of fairies and Santa Clause will be safely kept alive for all those willing and wanting to believe.

It left me wanting for the next year to roll around sooner so that I could show my girl Pax all of it. And see the glint of delight in her eyes as she took it all in. I just couldn’t wait. But till then, I was happy to tuck away all the sweet memories made.

Happy Wednesday, folks! Make it a good one. X


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5 thoughts on “Discovering the Magic of Uncle Willy’s Christmas Party 2016

  1. This looks absolutely fabulous!


  2. I so badly wanted to go to this year but it’s so far for us (will need passports and loads of padkos 😂). Hopefully we can make next year’s one!


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