The Milk Memoirs

One part chronicle, one part resource of all things breastfeeding and family life…with a good dose of fun,crafts & mommy realness

About this blog

Im a South African working mom in the Software Architecture field, who after much prompting and contemplation just did it. I started the blog – the design is still crap and basic. And needs much cleaning up – and I’ll get to it eventually. Right now, I’m still just enjoying it. I named my blog The Milk Memoirs because once I became a mom, who suffered so much with breastfeeding woes, I felt like my life suddenly revolved around milk now. Every little decision was about milk – hot date with hubby? Lemme just slip off this slinky black number and pump before we go. Then time the date so that I made it back in time before my boobs exploded. A little ridiculous yes- but that’s how it felt.

Eventually, it became more than that, but those precious times of mothers milk was the start of my mothering journey. Which has so many facets and depths, and highs and lows. So much growth and transformation of you as a person; as a mother. The old skin you peel off with every child you birth, and that incredible honour and journey that you now embark on. But those precious and sometimes challenging milk days for me, would always remain my roots of mothering. Hence the name.

These days were poignant to me. They are carving out the person I truly am. But they are fleeting and I never want to forget them.

Also, I have hopes that one day my children will stumble upon this here blog, and if they’re keen (like I am about my mother and her early years) then it would be all captured for them in words and pictures. All the fun, the parties, the divine chaos and beauty forever frozen in time, in words, for them.

And since I had been through the trenches of fighting for my rights to have natural birth,as well as hunting down the very few and hard to find breastfeeding support in South Africa, and found the resources and help I needed. I wanted to share it with friends and other mothers. And not just South African parents, but parents across the world.Because I realised how many were suffering or were being bullied out there, without realising they had options. Without knowing they had help and choices at hand. So when I started, I didn’t care about numbers too much – for I felt if this just helped one person out there, then its so worth it. But now, I wont lie, it does feel great to hear when many other mothers connect with one, and thank you for making them feel like they’re not alone or now ready to move through their pain,or now feel empowered to take action. Being able to have some tiny positive influence on another does give me good feelings and motivation even if my stats aren’t spiking all the time.

So over here I talk about parent life in general, birth, breastfeeding, travel (international and local), date night ideas, creative parties, crafts, mom life. Etc.

Hope you’ll stay a while, and then come and visit my corner of the interwebs often.