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Baby Deliciousness (And a sweet Baby Sense Giveaway!)


Call me a sap if you want, but I find all things baby simply delicious. Delicious in the sense of chubby limbs, multiple chins, buttery skin, tiny poffer feet, and soft tufts of hair; Delicious as in that addictive I-can’t-stop-inhaling-my-newborn kind of way. I mean, what’s not to love? …Ok, except maybe the lack of sleep bit. Yeah, hold the lack of sleep part, thanks – that was a major suckatude for me on both counts. But everything else? Gahd, I could glaze over into an oxytocin coma from all of it.

And if you start talking about those little products and Continue reading


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Launch of the brand new Belly 2 Tots store

When I was invited to the opening of a brand new baby and maternity goods store this weekend, I was honestly just expecting the usual ohh-and-ahh’s of all the pretty little stuff on their shelves. I was certainly not expecting to be moved to tears by the story of inspiration, that is Candice King – the owner of the brand spanking new store, Belly 2 Tots. But I suppose that’s one of my favourite things in life: Surprises!!

And boy does Candice, along with her new business venture pack a punch in the surprise department.

First up, hallelujah to Continue reading


How to make your own Pillow Mist – a gentle sleep aid for young and old

LavendarPillowmistlabelI’ve always heard of pillow mist, but as a hard-core insomniac, I was a bit iffy on the effeciecy of all that essential oil stuff. However, as my experience with more natural remedies and essential oils has grown over the years, I’ve learnt that often when these natural remedies “don’t work”, it was more because they weren’t being used correctly, as opposed to it being ineffective. So I knew it would be silly of me to write-off pillow mist.

And I don’t know about you, but this year, I’m getting my Continue reading

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Gorgeous baby & toddler goods at Leo & Lola Baby Boutique

If you’re on the hunt for gorgeous little dresses, beautiful tiny shoes to cover those irresistable chubby baby feet, some organic baby toiletries , or even the cutest baby ones (cue major ovary aches), then look no further than the newly launched Leo & Lola Baby Boutique, out at the Palmyra Shopping centre in Claremont.

I was recently invited to their flagship store launch, where I met the lovely Continue reading


Chocolate Cookie pops that make a cute little handmade Valentine’s Day gift…


…Or a just because :cookies!

So Im off to a bit of a late start with our Valentine’s Day Spread the Love mission – but rushing off from meetings to spend the afternoon with your kiddy in the ER will do that to you! So with a little anaesthetic and a few stitches later, my beasty was ready to help me ( and small beast) whip up a batch of Valentines Day goodies again.
Last Valentines, we went with a delicious Almond Cookie recipe, but this year, I found this cool Continue reading


Birth Photography: My guilty little internet pleasure

Powerful and moving image: Swiped from Birth Photography Community's Facebook cover page. You need to go visit their FB page!

Powerful and moving image: Swiped from Birth Photography Community’s Facebook cover page. You need to go visit their FB page!Like, now!

We all have one. Admit it. No matter how busy you are. No matter how tired you may be(from your full workday, to the super sprint of getting home to your overly-energetic smallies, then squeezing in quality time with them, suppertime, bathtime and then the homestretch of bedtime). That little guilty pleasure you quickly indulge in, when you need an instant pick-me-upper or when you just want to switch off a bit. You know, something to make you feel like you’re NOT a slave to the daily grind of the routine. For some its Dilbert cartoons, for others its Youtube videos of cats or tv series (Game of Thrones, anyone?). Or maybe its some FB stalking, whatever floats your boat. For me, it has become scrolling through birth photography pictures.

I just cannot get enough of it. Every single time, Im blown away by the Continue reading


Goji Spa:Pregnancy massage’s best kept secret

Follow the large sign like bread crumbs to natural treatment bliss

Follow the large sign like bread crumbs to natural treatment bliss

A few months ago, a heavily pregnant me was super psyched to be let in on an awesome tip for preggy massage at an establishment called Goji Spa.

I dont know about you , but when Im preggo Im in even greater need for Continue reading