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Our Dinosaur Adventure – Our list of 9 Awesome Dino-themed activities!


Firstly…YOH(!) I cant believe how long I took to get this post out. It’s just been patiently sitting in my drafts folder since last winter, waiting for it’s time to shine. And finally it’s day has come. Although given how life has been up to now (see here), I think it’s perfectly understandable that lots of little things are going to fall through the cracks now and then. What matters is that we are gentle with ourselves, calmly come back to it, scoop ‘em up, dust them off, polish it up, and well….in this case, publish them!

I love the fact that our girls love cars and bikes as much as their baby dolls, love playing out well- choreographed fight scenes with me as the baddy, as much as they love playing tea time with their daddy. Love their Ninja Turtle figurines as much as their Barbies (maybe more actually – and somewhat remind me of my Barbie and her solid relationship with Bravestar: My Continue reading



Cookies & Cards

So, I’m kind of like a sucker for little celebratory holidays…yes, even the heavily commercial-spun ones. And yes, that means even Valentines Day. I like to see joy even in the ordinary – which is possibly why I like celebrate even the little things in life with my kids. But that doesn’t mean I like to be slave to the commercialism and empty my pockets out either. Nor does it mean that I often possess the “krag” to even be too fancy in my DIY efforts. So when energy levels are dipping like they currently are for me (I mean,we just about dusted ourselves off from first day at school), and minister of finance of our home got our wallets on lock down, I dig deep into the creativity think-box, and follow my finger down to the easy-peasy files.

The result of which was that Valentines Day this year, my girls could be a little sweet on some teachers and godparents with this little combo of a gift pack. I’ve had to Continue reading

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Easy home made gifts: Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies in a Jar

[UPDATE: Amended the flour content to the recipe after three out of five attempts, I discovered the most reliable amount to use for best results.]
I had been wanting to try this idea out for some time now, and with the recent teacher gift season we just had, I thought would be a great reason to get cracking on it. I had also been hunting for jusssst the right recipe for some time now – brownies, cake-in-a-cup, etc., but then I realised I’m actually a bonafide cookie monster (seriously, you should see my posts on cookies already), so why not just stay true to myself and go with that.

Of course, if you throw in a big bag of Christmas, and my major weakness for it, I thought something cranberry-ish would be just the perfect compliment to the season itself. Therefore, Continue reading


My very own easy Gingerbread house recipe, a case of missing candy and free templates!

[UPDATE 1: Ingredients list updated, accidental omission of one item- now rectified. Guess that’s what happens when you’re doing two things at once.]
You, guys!!!…I made my own Gingerbread house! From scratch! Like…wow! Ok, maybe not SO wow for you, but for me? It’s a big deal. Firstly, wow, because I never thought I’d be that person that would in fact bake a gingerbread house, secondly, to be so super proud of a tiny edible house(I mean, what’s up with that, right?)…And thirdly, because I don’t even LIKE gingerbread to begin with, and yet there I was mixing and whisking away!( as opposed to playing at the beach with my babies.) But it seems the Christmas cheer bug has bit me big time this year, so much so , I was practically Continue reading


Maple Apple Rose Tart recipe: Family dinner joys and how to re-claim your kitchen-boss status

2015-11-10 21.05.36So recently, as mentioned in my October Round Up post over here ( you really should check that post out – its all things Octoberish and fun), we were blessed with a visit from my brother-in-law, all the way from the States.

Now whilst you may think, ya, ya, so what, a relative from overseas,blah, blah, blah, the thing is, this visit was an extra special one! You see, it would be the first time he EVER Continue reading

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Halloween Party Ideas Part I: Décor and Treats

Morgan-Lee at 1yrs old,taking in the last of the trick or treating.

Morgan-Lee at 1yrs old,taking in the last of the trick or treating.

So as you may have come to realise from my some of blog posts that, whilst Halloween is not too big in South Africa (yet), it certainly is big in our house. Granted I may be the source of it all- in fact, I may be just a leeeeetle bit like Claire (Modern Family) about Halloween…
Just let me have Halloween...

Just let me have Halloween…

Fortunately, hubby loves me enough to just go along with it, and helps make it fun as well.

I mean nothing trumps Christmas, right – like ever…but Halloween? Like I said here before (read that post here), Halloween certainly gets me excited about all the fun stuff you can do with food, cakes, costumes…you name it! And I’ve been throwing Halloween parties for years now, even well before we Continue reading


How to make edible glue

Why in the world would you need edible glue?! Ha! You’d be suprised. I wasnt too far along into my baking and fondant modelling journey before I was in need of this magical substance.

So when that time comes for you, here’s how to make it with just TWO ingredients Continue reading