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DIY Lush Bath Bombs

You can swing a cat just about anywhere these days and you’re sure to hit a couple of Lush fans… I mean, who doesn’t LOVE them some Lush goodies right? All the spoilage is too hard to resist. Especially their bath bombs – can I get an amen? But those pretty little puppies can quickly start racking up heavily on the wallet if you used them as often as you’d like to. And trust me, I really want to everyday. Also, I have an insane and unstoppable need to make stuff myself. As is evidenced by this here blog. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a few cool bath bomb recipes last year. I had some trial and error and eventually perfected a recipe that worked perfectly for me. So much so, I even made a few as a take-home “dragon egg” bath bomb gifts for the littles at our recent kiddy Dragon Party.

What’s more is that the ingredients are all natural and are made especially for those sensitive skins. I am a huge fan of Epsom salts, which is great for skin, ridding the body of toxins and even helping calm kiddies down right before bedtime. (Hence I thought it was a great gift to the parents of those kids, after a party.)

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Soft Kissable Lips with this Natural Homemade Lip Balm Recipe


An easy natural lip balm tutorial

So if you haven’t noticed it, yet, I’m kind of like a DIY junkie…Maybe it’s my naturally crazy, ever-present need to make stuff that has for some strange reason just stepped up a notch. Or maybe it’s the lack of my sweat dripping on some studio floor somewhere, or the mommy-sanity levels are out of whack, and I need a creative release somehow …I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about DIY that gives me some sort of wild ride of satisfaction lately…also when I start loosely using the term “wild ride” with “DIY” in one sentence, then it should be apparent to you that I may need to get out some more. Or, like go jump off a bridge or something. Not sure, but my need to make shizz finally just met my intrigue with natural products. They got hot and heavy, and from them, their lovechild, natural homemade lip balm, was born!!!

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Healthy Summer Hair can be yours – postpartum or not!

2016-02-04 12.38.06Wanting golden locks to glisten on the beach, and dazzle on the dance floor? Or maybe shiny raven tresses that simply beg to be flipped? Maybe you’re looking to make that drastic change for this holiday season? Or maybe you just need your mane to be pepped up a bit, ready for all the social soires this summer? Or maybe postpartum hormones got your like, “whoa”. Whatever your reason, everyone loves having healthy, shiny holiday hair, right? So if you’re looking to get your hair-freak on, then read on, lovelies! Ps. Im not trying to blow my own trumpet, but I am blowing someone else’s!;)
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How to make your own Pillow Mist – a gentle sleep aid for young and old

LavendarPillowmistlabelI’ve always heard of pillow mist, but as a hard-core insomniac, I was a bit iffy on the effeciecy of all that essential oil stuff. However, as my experience with more natural remedies and essential oils has grown over the years, I’ve learnt that often when these natural remedies “don’t work”, it was more because they weren’t being used correctly, as opposed to it being ineffective. So I knew it would be silly of me to write-off pillow mist.

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Mummy Massage will have you relaxing and unwinding, all in the comfort of your own home

mummassagelogoHey preggo mama, are you loving your bump, but desperately looking for a great pregnancy massage to sort out that niggle in your lower back(ouch)? Or how about you, new momma, over there? I bet you’re absolutely smitten with that gorgeous little newborn bundle of your’s, but totally hating on that crick in the neck, courtesy of the all night feeding that you do so lovingly. Or how about that stiff back that threatens to spasm up if you dare bend over that cot just one more time. Sound familiar to any of you mums, out there?

Or maybe you feel none of this, but your body is still begging for a little bit of TLC? I mean, which parent isn’t, right?! But honestly, with our endless to do list, and sometimes just the sheer lack of energy and time, more often than not, we tend to shove that much needed massage off from our to- do list. I mean, it’s already been a helluva day, who has the energy to still get in the car and fight traffic AGAIN, right?! Now, what if I told you I found someone who is pretty damn awesome at sorting out all those aches, pains and niggles? And, better yet, what if I told you that she could do it all in the comfort of your OWN HOME?! Then you’re going to love hearing about Mummy Massage!

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Valentines day gift ideas for that special pregnant lady in your life

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Yeah, sure, there are soooo many excellent gift ideas out there, for all the women in the world, from the sweet to the sexy & sultry. But maybe that box of chocolates are just not going to do it this year. Or maybe you, yourself, are just looking for something different this year for the preggo in your life…Because sometimes…and only just sometimes (lol)…chocolate body paint with whipped cream (and actual whips) as a V-day gift just won’t go down as well with your lovely preggy boo. So just to help those awesome partners out there who are keen to spoil their bumpalicious lovelies, but are a little stumped as to what to get them this Valentines, have a look at the list below. Continue reading