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Hello baby!! Introductions…

So much for the latest preggo update posts I had in draft, the home birth prep posts, or even our latest maternity shoot shares I had planned for this week and all rest for the next… Instead,today,Im taking a very quick timeout from the deep,dark  motherhood trenches of newbornness (so in truth I have no idea how cohesive or readable this post actually is), and am introducing you to our brand new daughter…And really, in the light of day, it’s all that matters in any case,right?. So…

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Taking delight in an adventurous little soul…five years on

A day late…but,hey, life happens…Including gremlins that don’t automate your post, that was automated for yesterday morning.So instead, I’ve added some more pix of her day.


As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen.

– Winnie the Pooh

Oh Pooh Bear, such great wisdom you have. And oh how much truth there is in that when it comes to you my darling Morgan-Lee. From the moment I saw you..your long pink body stretched out, and staring intensely straight back at me with your chocolate brown eyes..There was an undeniable shift in me: I didn’t know exactly what lay before me, but I knew it would be great…and it would be because of you. It was with that, that I scooped you up towards me and relished all the feels that this warm, velvety little bundle had unleashed within me.

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Why would you book a Birth Photographer?!

detailsBirth of Parker-Grace_239
*Side-note: I was not paid nor asked to write this post, it was purely inspired by my sheer love of this photographic art, of the beauty of birth itself, and by the enquiring looks I got when I shared my experience with them. I hope more women will be inspired to do so as well.

So, if you’ve ever watched Parker-Grace’s birth story, you probably may have noticed the exquisite photography used to capture the day. It was clearly not daddy taking a few quick snaps before rushing back to mom, and definitely not the paed saying,”Smile!”. Nope. Those are photographs with a pro touch. And this was no accident, people. You see, because of the sheer beauty and gravity of the day when we first welcomed our first born, and only the handful of rather vanilla pix we had to show for it, coupled with my love for photography, we decided to call in the big guns for baby number two’s arrival, and had a professional birth photographer there. Yup, a photographer at the birth!

Mind you, it wasn’t a likely decision, especially for my hubby. We hemmed and hah’ed about it, just like any other couple I think would – allowing a complete stranger WITH a camera lense into your very personal and sacred birth space! I think deep down I had Continue reading


Parker-Grace’s Birth Story: A VIDEO chronicle of a peaceful Hypnobirth

Birth of Parker-Grace_142I’ve shared Morgan-Lee’s birth story with you(If you’ve missed it, start here.). It may be a bit long and verbose, but (hopefully) still beautiful. Admittedly, I don’t I think I actually did enough justice to its beauty. But I suppose, as with most birth stories, that may be something that a mother may never get right in the written word, and it will, instead, forever only live on, very clearly, in my head.

Parker-Grace’s birth story, however, I’ve decided that instead of letting you read it…I’ll show it to you! You know what they say about pictures and a thousand words, right? So perhaps I’ll let you do the maths on words for a video!!! It is a Continue reading


Morgan-Lee’s birth story Part 4: Guarding against mental exhaustion & revelling in the sheer joy of welcoming baby

Morgan-Lee birth Picture 003
So that Tuesday, 17 May 2011, after seeing my midwife, Marcha (only the second time I had ever laid my eyes on her), hubby went out and got the Rasberry leaf tea, which Marcha had suggested. He returned to find me engrossed in some serious organizational task in the nursery. I promised I would have the tea the moment I am done with everthing. He tried to get to take just a tiny ity bity tea break, but I could not be moved- I had a to do list to tick off- but I also couldn’t be happier. But,you know, up until last week, times weren’t always this stress-free.

To find out why, and also how it was that at 39 weeks preggo,I had only met my midwife twice, go catch up over here first, then here and here. Otherwise, just read on for the actual birth story. Continue reading


Morgan-Lee’s birth story, Part 3: Meeting my care providers for the first time at 38 weeks !

8+ months preggo, about two weeks away from making one of the most pivotal decisionsof my life.

8+ months preggo, about two weeks away from making one of the most pivotal decisionsof my life.

Yip, you read right. Two weeks away from my estimated due date, and I was yet to meet the wonderful people who’d be delivering our child. No, I’m not some sort of procrastinator that waited for the last minute. And no, I wasn’t being irresponsible about the care of our child…In fact, I was doing one of the most responsible acts I could have ever done as a parent: Ensuring that baby and I got the right kind of care we, personally, were searching for.

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Morgan-Lee’s birth story Part 2: The hunt for a midwife and good doctor

Two beached whales: Completely chilled out at 25 weeks, on babymoon and still hopeful of the gynae we had selected.

Two beached whales: Completely chilled out at 25 weeks, on babymoon and still hopeful of the gynae we had selected…oh, such misplaced hope.PS. For sensitive viewers: that is NOT a real whale, guys!

If you haven’t yet read the unforeseen series of events that lead up to this point where Im 37 weeks pregnant and on the hunt for a professional care provider to deliver my baby,I suggest you first read that post here, then come back here to see what happened next!

Walking out on our doctor at 37 weeks of pregnancy isn’t the most likeliest of decisions for anyone to make. But we weren’t more sure of ourselves the day we did. However, having nothing in hand was obviously Continue reading