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On your third birthday Parker-Grace

In case you’re confused…no, it’s not the 30th’s just me doing a bit of ground hog day and playing blog catch-up over here. So bear with me, as we hyperspace back to my littlest Parker’s birthday, and I actually get to share my thoughts and mom feels with you…as well as my message to my girl marking this very special occassion…

Every year, when the girls’ birthdays come around, I find myself stuck in their baby folders…Mike always warns me – as he knows I get mesmerised by it and then completely lost in it and the whole world goes to pot- I never listen to him. But he’s always right, I just keep going through them – plastered to that screen. Only blinking to due to flooded eyes, or stupid ear-to-ear grins. What can I say? I can’t help myself. Photos are my jam.

From the photos we eventually, especially in Parker’s case, we all gather round to watch her birth video. It always captures the kiddies’ attention, so much so that they have it on repeat. And no matter how many times I watch that video, with both girls nestled on my lap, I still spill tears of joy… *Now, before you go ahead and think I’m a sentimental bloggy asshole who writes as if everything is perfect and just so dreamy-weemy, let it be known this daydreamy-like state also always abruptly slides into Morgy ugly crying because she doesn’t have a birth video of her own. Then we, as usual, end up frantically having to dig out those 3 or 4 quick birth snaps we do have of her on the day. We, of course, pile on the love and koosh, and are for a few moments emotionally drained by the sudden, although reliably annual Morgan-Lee birth-vid-mini-breakdown.*

But birth video hissy fits aside, and point being, Continue reading


Its OK to Grieve your Birth Experience…


Why the “All that matters” syndrome should really just go suck it.

All too often, when the birth didn’t go quite as the mother had hoped for, well-meaning folk are always so quick to produce the, “all that matters is that it’s a healthy baby” . Or the “you know, the end result is all that matters, not the delivery. ” Or even the “that’s not important, darling. All that matters is that you and baby are fine”…All that matters… *cue silent head shake*…Now, I have absolutely no doubt that these well-meaning friends and family are truly just trying to offer that poor mother a bridge over her troubled waters. Except, all that the “bridge” is really doing is belittling her actual feelings, and adding an extra layer of shame. Shame that she really doesn’t need.

And yet, day in and day out, you’ll find countless mothers who have been left with that great disappointment that haunt them, are now also then Continue reading


You made me a mom

All about First Borns


Note: This is intended to be for my daughter (my first born), but also to share with you dearest reader. You’ll notice how I swing in my narrative, addressing both her and then you. So let’s just pretend you, my daughter and I are knocking elbows at a cozy little wooden table, somewhere warm and lovely, as we tip our cups of tea to our lips and chat about first borns:

You were my first. You taught me how to be a mother. A parent. And that’s the thing with the eldest, isn’t it? Whilst one’s heart is equally split between your children, there’s a well-defined marker in life that the eldest will always hold: That very instant that you became a mother.

Morgan-Lee, it was through you that my heart learnt Continue reading


Baby Deliciousness (And a sweet Baby Sense Giveaway!)


Call me a sap if you want, but I find all things baby simply delicious. Delicious in the sense of chubby limbs, multiple chins, buttery skin, tiny poffer feet, and soft tufts of hair; Delicious as in that addictive I-can’t-stop-inhaling-my-newborn kind of way. I mean, what’s not to love? …Ok, except maybe the lack of sleep bit. Yeah, hold the lack of sleep part, thanks – that was a major suckatude for me on both counts. But everything else? Gahd, I could glaze over into an oxytocin coma from all of it.

And if you start talking about those little products and Continue reading

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Baby wearing: How to tie a baby wrap



Baby wrap 101: The basic tie.

This was actually a post that I wanted to publish right in the first few days I started blogging. Because, hells bells, this wrap saved my sanity. And there almost wasn’t much left to be saved. It was an absolute game-changer for me as a mother.
And I knew there’d be plenty of other moms out there who’d benefit from this little nugget of wisdom.

Sure, it’s not a newsflash, but so many moms out there are often either too overwhelmed by Continue reading


A Monster Bash to celebrate Parker-Grace’s 2nd Birthday

Lightcandle Parker-Grace 2nd birthday_sml-172Once upon a time, a very pregnant me, sat in October counting down the weeks to the expected date of a certain little girl’s arrival…slightly panicked by the fact that she may indeed arrive right on Halloween. Now, whilst this may seem like no biggy to you, but for lil’ ol’ me who’s slightly nutty about the fun that is Halloween, I was doing my best not to seem like a selfish little kid not wanting to share my toys. I mean, I love birthdays (my favourite!) AND I totally Love Halloween too (another favourite!)..But having it smashed together? Well, wouldn’t that just mean dilution of the fun?!

Silly old me was admittedly ever so slightly Continue reading


Some freakin’ amazing facts about our boobies!

Day In Our Life-March 2014_83So from all these heavy breastfeeding posts on my blog, like here, here, here and here, whilst Im keeping it very very real, you may start to wonder whether I truly am pro- breastfeeding. I mean it all sounds so… so negative. So I decided to focus on some positivity today. Because gosh darnit, there’s so many positives about breastfeeding, it certainly needs the spotlight.

Now, before we get started, lets be clear on something, this post is not, in anyway trying to sideline formula feeding moms. ( #fedisbest ) It is instead to Continue reading