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The Blur of Newborness

Cloud nine, is where you put me, baby!

You know it’s coming, you know what you’re in for – especially if youre not a first timer. And even more so if this is your third time around. But you’re never truly really prepared and whenever you try to quantify it for someone else who has not quite walked this path yet, it becomes tricky to actually explain where all your time goes. How the clock has ticked over a solid 24 hours and you’re still in jammies, and not sure if you’ve even left the room other than for the bathroom yet. But that newborn blur is real.

And such is the life once you welcome that little babums into your world; Feeds bleed into one another, as Continue reading



The Vital Role Fathers play in Successful Breasfeeding

Day In Our Life-March 2014_91

Tips on how dads can support breastfeeding mothers.

I don’t know about you, but my breastfeeding journeys did not go so well. Both of them. I blissfully thought that after my first one that I’d have it all waxed and knew all there was to know about breastfeeding issues now. Like a walking, talking, milk-squirting booby milk encyclopaedia. I mean, I basically had lived and breathed them all, right?

But I was wrong – as my second baby came along to prove. I had a myriad of challenges, most of which often left me in a crumbled tearful mess on some nights. But I had made up my mind about breastfeeding my kids, so I researched the crap out of it, and did all I could to get us back on track. Happily I managed to eventually breastfeed them both until they decided when they had enough.

Sure, it was all happy clappy in the end, with a lot of Continue reading


Baby Deliciousness (And a sweet Baby Sense Giveaway!)


Call me a sap if you want, but I find all things baby simply delicious. Delicious in the sense of chubby limbs, multiple chins, buttery skin, tiny poffer feet, and soft tufts of hair; Delicious as in that addictive I-can’t-stop-inhaling-my-newborn kind of way. I mean, what’s not to love? …Ok, except maybe the lack of sleep bit. Yeah, hold the lack of sleep part, thanks – that was a major suckatude for me on both counts. But everything else? Gahd, I could glaze over into an oxytocin coma from all of it.

And if you start talking about those little products and Continue reading


Tips for successful pumping at work

pumpatworkpicSo you’ve decided to continue breastfeeding after going back to work. (Or maybe baby decided for you) 🙂 High five, mama! But let’s be straight here, whether you have a high pressured job or not, keeping this pumping business up does take some doing. Or at least that was my experience in it. And I suppose me saying that may be surprising to those who knew how set I was on breastfeeding until baby decided it was time. But, as always, I’m going to keep it real for you. And despite it all, it is still very, very doable!

As with any undertaking in life, it’s best to go in Continue reading

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The ONE Instructional Video EVERY Breastfeeding Mom Has To Watch!

BreastfeedingPax_Day In Our Life-March 2014_78

I’m not even kidding. You HAVE to watch it. Whether you’re slick and an ol’ nick at it, or if you’re new and struggling: watch it. If you’re not breastfeeding, but your daughter, friend, niece, cousin, sister, neighbour or whoever is – watch it. And then get them to watch it too. If you wanted to breastfeed but couldn’t (for whatever reason); If you’ve never breastfed yet, but really want to, then watch it. Whatever category you fall into: Just. Watch it.

Remember when I posted about the Continue reading

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Baby wearing: How to tie a baby wrap



Baby wrap 101: The basic tie.

This was actually a post that I wanted to publish right in the first few days I started blogging. Because, hells bells, this wrap saved my sanity. And there almost wasn’t much left to be saved. It was an absolute game-changer for me as a mother.
And I knew there’d be plenty of other moms out there who’d benefit from this little nugget of wisdom.

Sure, it’s not a newsflash, but so many moms out there are often either too overwhelmed by Continue reading


The simple picture that put me back on the road to Breastfeeding Success!

Photocred: Marysol Blomerus, A day in the life photoshoot.

Photocred: Marysol Blomerus, A day in the life photoshoot.

Ever been to the lactation specialist while having latch issues, where she grabs your boob and smoothly & seamlessly sticks it into baby’s mouth with the perfect latch? Then there’s you, all awe-struck and stuff. Amazing, you think! So you ask her to do it again, ’cause you’ve been struggling your touche off all this time, so it must have been a fluke, right? Except, she does it again. Perfect score. And you’re like “Halluleha, all my troubles have passed, let’s pack it up, I got this breastfeeding thing in the baaaag. Sianara, Nurse Awesome!”. Only to come home, sans professional help, and you and baby are all like fumblia-supreme. Again. Reopening old nipple wounds, frustration levels creep up again. Confidence levels tumble down. And you’re like “but, but…ohhh, ffs!”. Yes? Happened to you? Yeah. Me too.

In fact, very much so with baby number two. Now, I’m not sure if I even had as hard a time with my first or if it was more just the reality slap in the face that I got from the false sense of security that the experience with my first one gave me. I mean, I had been through some tough stuff with her first, so I was like, whatever breastfeeding challenges you’re bringing life, I got this! Except I didn’t. Because feeding baby number two was not at all like Continue reading