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Second Hand Car Seats: A Responsible Seller’s Guide

woman choosing child car seat
Well, this one has been a bit of grey area to me for some time now. You know? This whole second hand car seat purchase debacle. And for anyone with a pulse and half an ear, they must have heard of the dangers of second hand car seats and to just stay away from them, and are sitting in that grey with me too. Grey because on one hand we want to encourage everyone to secure their kids in a car seat by any means necessary – because car seats save little lives, no question about it. However, given South Africa’s economic demographics, that’s not always possible. For many households, brand new car seats are often deemed unaffordable or seen as a luxury, thus, more often than not second hand seats become their only option.

The dangers are associated with second hand seats is that a)unless one knows the owner,one cannot be sure if it was in a severe accident and b)one is not always too sure if that seat model was recalled. And these concerns are real and need to remain top of mind, but there are ways of helping to mitigate them. So as a seller of these car seats, you have a huge responsibility in ensuring that the car seats you put up for sale are still safe and reliable. Because, what you as the seller cannot ever lose sight of is that those very seats could make the difference between life or death for a little child.

So whether it’s because your little Continue reading



11 Common Car Seat Mistakes you’re possibly making…


…And how to avoid them.

It boggles my mind as to how there are still folks out there, in this day and age, who don’t understand the massive risks that are involved when choosing not to safely secure their kids in the appropriate car seats, or at all. I mean, yes, “you’re such a careful driver”, and “you’ve never been in an accident before”, right? I get it. Well, here’s a chilling truth: We lose 4 to 5 children in car crashes on a daily basis*.

Fortunately, as has been highlighted throughout the #CarseatFullstop campaign, the proper use of a correctly installed car seat greatly reduces a child’s risk of injury or death. BUT, here’s another dose of sobering stats, especially for the parents out there who thought they could breathe a sigh of relief, since we diligently bought the seats and strapped our kids in: Motor vehicle crashes remain the leading cause of unintentional injury-related death among children ages 14 and under in South Africa**, in part because 4 out 5 car seats are used incorrectly and nearly a third of children ride in incorrect restraints for the size and age.

Dude! FOUR out FIVE car seats are not being used correctly!! That’s just mental! You do the maths on that and you’ll realise that between you and me, we may unfortunately probably be a part of those scary statistics.

In fact, there’s a slew of common mistakes that so many well-intentioned parents unknowingly and Continue reading