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And just like that…I’m 37

Note: This was written and supposed to be posted on the evening of the 5th July already. However, clearly I was in too much of a hurry to get celebrating to even note that I did in fact NOT publish it. Only realised that today. So here you go, a late birthday post.

As with so many of my other birthdays, this one arrived a little unannounced. Like a suprise package. (Save for hubby’s divine breakfast in bed he always brings me.) Don’t ask me how, because, Lawd knows how anyone can let their birthday slip their mind. But it does. Every year. Well, almost. Maybe my love for suprises runs so deep that I try to suprise myself by suppressing the knowledge of my own birthday? Who knows. But thanks to my Chiro this past Monday for reminding me!

He even asked what my plans were, and I was like, “well a few months ago I had grand plans, but I forgot. (Ever happen to you? Happens to me all the time.) And now I only have two days left to think of something. Snap!“. So yeah, nothing really big planned. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some birthdays – even my own. I usually look forward to it with the same excitement as that of a little kid. But you know how this parenting gig goes – it’s all consuming. And alot of those peripheral Continue reading



Penguins of Madagascar – A Secret Agent Party! (& Free Templates!)

(Note: I’m sad because there aren’t any real good pix taken by me at the party. Mike and I were all too in the mix. However, be warned, this is still a photo HEAVY post!)
(EDIT: Added my favourite part: The invites!)

If I were ever on the hunt for all things 6 year old, after this weekend, I’d know exactly now where to go…You know, magical six year old things like a steady bubbling anticipation of one’s birthday a month in advance already, with regular check-ins on the calendar –how many more sleeps. That’s eventually followed by the ultimate crescendo of unadulterated excitement over another birthday that has finally come. (although truthfully, that’s a lot of adults too.) The inexplicable thrill of sticker books, and the joy for all things crafty. The enjoyment of creating things with your hands – even if it’s just your mom giving you pretend power tools to help her with bedroom décor DIY. All these sweet and adorable things that you’d be crazy to not want to collect and keep for later enjoyment.

I’d also be sure to get samples of all that energy and love for dance and music, even the awkward but cute moves. And I’d definitely grab a few sprinkles of Continue reading


Celebrating Forty in the French Corner: Our Franschoek Getaway

Warning: Super long post and loads of pix!
If there is one thing I don’t do much or enough of on this blog, is sing my hubby’s praises. For the man he is to us. To all of us. I mean, I do sometimes– one can’t quite help but bring it up now and again when delving into certain parenting matters on this blog, as it is so integral to our journey. But not often on it’s own. And its not for the lack of wanting, but mostly because I often feel I cannot find words that adequately express my feelings, appreciation and admiration for him. And that I often feel like trying to put it into words may cheapen what I feel, or not accurately embody what I have for this man in my heart. So often his birthday comes and goes, with little to no mention here.

And that long, maybe almost pointless ramble was just to let you know that his recent birthday was a big one: His 40th! Yes, folks, the big 4-0! The beginning of the Continue reading


A Rainbow Unicorn Princess Party for Parker-Grace…



That’s right! I crap you not! A REAL one! And I’m super excited to show you all that, but before get there, please allow the sap in me to wax some lyrical about my baby girl….

There’s a little girl who seems to have effortlessly mastered the art of exisiting within layers of paradoxes. A roughian, a bruiser, who’s most comfy in twirly dresses and sparkly shoes, with a marshmallow heart.

She’s also managed to creep deeply into my heart, and made herself snug right there (right along with her sister) when celebrating her, it comes as no surprise then that unicorns were the name of the game.
In fact when you think that she’s unique filled with an adventurous spirit, petite (almost like some sort of magical creature), yet strong and courageous; Carving her own will in this world already, with a penchant for all things girly, even though she’s so rough and tumble. She brings a world of colour with her and sprinkles a little bit of magic wherever she goes…, it’s only natural then Rainbow Unicorn Princess party is it…

And boy did we bring the unicorns! Continue reading


On your third birthday Parker-Grace

In case you’re confused…no, it’s not the 30th’s just me doing a bit of ground hog day and playing blog catch-up over here. So bear with me, as we hyperspace back to my littlest Parker’s birthday, and I actually get to share my thoughts and mom feels with you…as well as my message to my girl marking this very special occassion…

Every year, when the girls’ birthdays come around, I find myself stuck in their baby folders…Mike always warns me – as he knows I get mesmerised by it and then completely lost in it and the whole world goes to pot- I never listen to him. But he’s always right, I just keep going through them – plastered to that screen. Only blinking to due to flooded eyes, or stupid ear-to-ear grins. What can I say? I can’t help myself. Photos are my jam.

From the photos we eventually, especially in Parker’s case, we all gather round to watch her birth video. It always captures the kiddies’ attention, so much so that they have it on repeat. And no matter how many times I watch that video, with both girls nestled on my lap, I still spill tears of joy… *Now, before you go ahead and think I’m a sentimental bloggy asshole who writes as if everything is perfect and just so dreamy-weemy, let it be known this daydreamy-like state also always abruptly slides into Morgy ugly crying because she doesn’t have a birth video of her own. Then we, as usual, end up frantically having to dig out those 3 or 4 quick birth snaps we do have of her on the day. We, of course, pile on the love and koosh, and are for a few moments emotionally drained by the sudden, although reliably annual Morgan-Lee birth-vid-mini-breakdown.*

But birth video hissy fits aside, and point being, Continue reading


Easy Pumpkin Painting Party

This being our third year into it, Pumpkin painting is quickly becoming a sweet little annual tradition that my girls and I are loving. It’s easy, no fuss, no sharp tools to watch over and keeps them occupied for a lonnnnnng time. Although given the recent rough ride life has handed to us, energies were desperately low – like my snapping mommy schpiel was sadly becoming a permanent fixture in our house. I couldn’t have that – not for Mike or my girls! So what do I do when I start stumbling over demotivation rocks? I give myself targets in life to help refocus. And doesn’t have to big ones either…little pumpkin parties over the weekend will do the trick just fine. Besides, with so much focus on Parker recently, our little Morgy was getting the short end of the attention stick, so instead of just saying “Let’s paint pumpkins!” (which would have gone over just fine too), I slapped the “party” lable onto that sucker, much like proverbial glitter and suddenly I had an excited-for-life Morgy again. (She and I speak the same love-language: crafts and celebration get us jacked-UUUURP!)

This was by far the quickest and easiest party I’ve ever arranged, and so glad my energy levels met my (mini) goal challenge head on – it didn’t last all day, but hey, it showed up…And that’s what counts. Right? Also, along with the Continue reading


DIY Fabric Stick-Dragons


An easy-peasy guide to making your own fabric based Stick Dragons

A huge hit at Morgan-Lee’s How to Train Your Dragon party was the stick Dragons that each kid got to adopt. I had a little make-shift stable for them at the party, and the kids loved them so much they selected their own dragons before we could even do the whole adoption/ earn your dragon’s trust ceremony. (Certificate of adoption template can be found here.) Clearly, they Continue reading