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Mo’ more milkies: We kicked the milk bottle habit


Bye-bye, bottle! 7 Tips to kick the habit.

Guys, t’is done… The great kicking of one epic toddler milk bottle habit has been done, and gone down into the parental victory history books. No more milk bottles in our house, or as my girl would say, “Mo’ more milkies!” Granted, this historic event happened long since I’ve even typed this up, but it was a momentous one for us. And, I mean anything that helps restore sleep and sanity back into a parent’s life is worth noting, right? Right.

But now, you may probably envision me with ragged face, and ripped clothes, with the toll of the bottle-battle all smeared across my worn-down body? Because, you may have assumed there was this Continue reading



Parenting Guilt and Clean Slates amidst Toddler Struggles and the Tides of Life

Parenting Guilt _Raising kids1

Photo credit: Marysol Blomerus; Day in our life shoot

Note: Written on Wednesday evening past

Ok, so I just got peed on my two year old baby girl that was actually already seated on the loo. Yes, seated, but somehow she still managed to soak me. Yeah, I also don’t know how that happened, but she got everything – my sweater, jeans, socks, shoes. Just everything. Mostly because it took me a while to realise what hit me…And just to give you some context, this happens after Continue reading


The Coolest Rechargeable Glow in the Dark Slime


How to make Alien Slime

Since the girls have been really enjoying “playing” in the dark, thanks to our Star Gazing adventures (see here), a lot of our recent activities have been revolving around just that. So, in keeping with the star gazing theme (think aliens) I thought I’d add some fun with glow in the dark slime…Or as we call it: Alien Slime!!!

Cause, I mean, when you’re teaching them about astronomy, “aliens” is a totally legit topic to cover right? Right?! Right. Besides, I still I had Continue reading


Galaxy Play Dough – The Softest No cook Play Dough Recipe ever!


The Perfect Starry Night Sky Dough

So recently, the …errrmm…stars aligned for us as a family to have the perfect night for star gazing. A windless clear night with balmy temperatures of 35‘C….not to mention, no one had any sniffles. So for the first time in a very long time,Mike, myself and the girls all parked outside in our backyard on the mattress to enjoy a night of star watching.

With the girls now being a bit older, they got into it much more and absolutely enjoyed it. In fact, Parker reckoned as we packed up, “mom, I like playing in the dark”. Morgan piped up in agreeance. Which was all met by me cunningly rubbing hands together, plotting all the new fun little ways I could cook up, to help teach them about stars, planets and the basics of our galaxy. (Almost as if I’m any expert on it!Pfft!) But one thing’s for sure, these starry night adventures are Continue reading


On Big Families and Sibling Bonds

snuggleMorgyI’ve grown both tired of and used to the common reaction I get from most people when they hear how many children Mike and I would like to have. Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense to most people why we would want a large family, in this “day and age”, but also I’ve been fielding that question since I was about eight years old. In fact, I can still remember one of my first adlib Afrikaans orals I did in high school had me batting off that question. Mostly it’s been my dream, and thankfully I have a man who was and still is on board with it- so now it’s our dream. God-willingly, of course.

Maybe if you knew that I come from a large family, you’d maybe better understand why wanting a big family is less Continue reading

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Our Dinosaur Adventure – Our list of 9 Awesome Dino-themed activities!


Firstly…YOH(!) I cant believe how long I took to get this post out. It’s just been patiently sitting in my drafts folder since last winter, waiting for it’s time to shine. And finally it’s day has come. Although given how life has been up to now (see here), I think it’s perfectly understandable that lots of little things are going to fall through the cracks now and then. What matters is that we are gentle with ourselves, calmly come back to it, scoop ‘em up, dust them off, polish it up, and well….in this case, publish them!

I love the fact that our girls love cars and bikes as much as their baby dolls, love playing out well- choreographed fight scenes with me as the baddy, as much as they love playing tea time with their daddy. Love their Ninja Turtle figurines as much as their Barbies (maybe more actually – and somewhat remind me of my Barbie and her solid relationship with Bravestar: My Continue reading


First day back at school – A few things I’d like to tell you…

I’d like to tell you how blissful and easy first day back to school was. You know, where we all get up on time, everyone and everything plays with, so things go smoothly.

I’d also like to tell you that Im one of those moms who if given the choice, get up before their kids, get done and wait for them to rise. I’d really like to, but I’m just not. You see, Continue reading