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DIY Lush Bath Bombs

You can swing a cat just about anywhere these days and you’re sure to hit a couple of Lush fans… I mean, who doesn’t LOVE them some Lush goodies right? All the spoilage is too hard to resist. Especially their bath bombs – can I get an amen? But those pretty little puppies can quickly start racking up heavily on the wallet if you used them as often as you’d like to. And trust me, I really want to everyday. Also, I have an insane and unstoppable need to make stuff myself. As is evidenced by this here blog. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a few cool bath bomb recipes last year. I had some trial and error and eventually perfected a recipe that worked perfectly for me. So much so, I even made a few as a take-home “dragon egg” bath bomb gifts for the littles at our recent kiddy Dragon Party.

What’s more is that the ingredients are all natural and are made especially for those sensitive skins. I am a huge fan of Epsom salts, which is great for skin, ridding the body of toxins and even helping calm kiddies down right before bedtime. (Hence I thought it was a great gift to the parents of those kids, after a party.)

Before we go Continue reading



Easter Basket Ideas


Love the idea of an Easter Basket, but not sure what to put in, or you’re running out of ideas? Well, then read on!

We’re steadily hopping down that bunny trail all the way to Easter. If fact, do you realise, it’s NEXT week?! Well, it is, and despite how much all the stores’ well-merchandised and prettily stocked shelves would like to remind me, it actually only hit me this week just how close we are!

So in my efforts to have all my shit together this year, and not scoot around the house like a maniac the day before,trying to Continue reading


Easter Bunny Crunch – a quick and easy alternative to the humble Easter Egg

20140419_105029 (1)-01Ok, sure, you’re not going to be able to teach them the signifigance of why Easter eggs are hollow with this one, nor are you going to be able to use this as an opportunity to teach your kids why we even use EGGS at all as a symbol for Easter, but damnit, life happens, you know?

Life happens where you just don’t get the time to go to Continue reading


How to catch a leprechaun – and other fun ways to enjoy St Patrick’s Day

So St Paddy’s is not too high on your typical South African’s celebratory list, although that depends on who hang with, and also if you don’t count the usual celebratory pubcrawl down Long Street. But it is up on our list. – however small it may be.

And by the way, when I say “our”, I actually mean “my” list. Thankfully, hubby just smiles and goes with it – mostly, I think, because Continue reading


The Coolest Rechargeable Glow in the Dark Slime


How to make Alien Slime

Since the girls have been really enjoying “playing” in the dark, thanks to our Star Gazing adventures (see here), a lot of our recent activities have been revolving around just that. So, in keeping with the star gazing theme (think aliens) I thought I’d add some fun with glow in the dark slime…Or as we call it: Alien Slime!!!

Cause, I mean, when you’re teaching them about astronomy, “aliens” is a totally legit topic to cover right? Right?! Right. Besides, I still I had Continue reading


Galaxy Play Dough – The Softest No cook Play Dough Recipe ever!


The Perfect Starry Night Sky Dough

So recently, the …errrmm…stars aligned for us as a family to have the perfect night for star gazing. A windless clear night with balmy temperatures of 35‘C….not to mention, no one had any sniffles. So for the first time in a very long time,Mike, myself and the girls all parked outside in our backyard on the mattress to enjoy a night of star watching.

With the girls now being a bit older, they got into it much more and absolutely enjoyed it. In fact, Parker reckoned as we packed up, “mom, I like playing in the dark”. Morgan piped up in agreeance. Which was all met by me cunningly rubbing hands together, plotting all the new fun little ways I could cook up, to help teach them about stars, planets and the basics of our galaxy. (Almost as if I’m any expert on it!Pfft!) But one thing’s for sure, these starry night adventures are Continue reading

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Up the ease factor with these Air Travel Packing Tips


My Top 10 Air Travel Packing Tips

For some people, packing for a trip is a breeze and not too much to think about. For others it can feel quite daunting:do you have everything, does it all fit, do I have all my travel papers together? Now add a kid or two (or three) in the mix, and you’re very likely cranking up that worry-dial to the max! Lord knows we pack up the entire house and the kitchen sink when we’re just heading to the grocery store with kids in tow. But if you put these few simple tips and tricks into play, you may just be able to bring that stress-dial down quite a few notches. At least for the packing bits.

For all the Continue reading