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**WIN** A Family Fun Pass to the #IceAdventure (with Baskin Robbins) at Canal Walk

The summer holidays are in full swing, and in fact, are already half way through!(Where’d the time go?!) But if you’re still looking for fun activities to do with your kids, fear not mama’s….there’s an #IceAdventure waiting just for them to enjoy!

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well then here, have a peek inside this little fun world. Continue reading



Our Precious Cargo – why I’m supporting the #CarseatFullstop campaign and why you should too!

CarseatFullstop-750sqWhenever my dad would see me off at the door, even as grown as I was, he would always holler out to my driver, “be safe on the road, you have some precious cargo on board there” (pointing to me). It had become a family phrase he coined – one I remember him saying to me ever since I was small, as a signal to me to buckle up. When his grandkids came around, it was the same story that he would holler to their parents. Precious cargo, indeed- because he knew that a child depended on you to make the right decisions for their safety whilst on the road. And so, every time I strap my own little ones into their car seats, I can’t help but think, “my precious cargo”.

Therefore, no matter what the situation is at the time of securing them in their seats – flailing octopus arms and legs or Continue reading


Our Table Mountain Adventure: Alone with two toddlers & all the other fun with the Cableway #KidzSeason

ontherocksparkerWhat do you call a parent who willingly engages in mountainous activities with more than one toddler…all on her own? Ah, yes, I hear you say “crazy” …Well, I see your crazy and raise you “stupid crazy” ! 🙂 Then I’ll straighten up, flick my hair back and own that stupid crazy title like a boss…

‘Cause when you’re about to venture to the top of a mountain with a two year old and four year old…alone…you better make sure you Continue reading


Wintery fun for the family at Snow World this season (And a Family Pass giveaway!)

headerSnowworldIf any of you were at Grand West this past Thursday evening, and heard screams of joy and whooping echoing through the corridors…that would be my kids. You’d be forgiven if you thought you may have stumbled into Spring Break party of sorts, but it was just my two little girls on the 35 meter high slope, going warp speed, sledding down together, and enjoying the crap out it…Yes, apparently my girls are “whoop” girls…and I absolutely LOVE their spirit of fun!

That was their introduction to Snow world….A warm welcome, indeed!

No longer do you have to Continue reading


A morning of inspiration at the Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast

The Winning Squad

The Winning Squad

I’ve had both the honour and pleasure of being invited to quite a few events through this little blog of mine – all of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and always appreciated. However, I’ve got to say this event was truly something else! It was one where I walked away with more than just being entertained and informed by a company, or with an amazing little goody bag. Instead, I walked away enriched, encouraged and my mind brimming with the soul food that they had served up!

Not your average blogger event, now is it? Well, Kids Emporium is not Continue reading


Wrap up of another rocking #CTMeetup (Pssst- Awesome BabySense Giveaway alert!)

There could only be one of two possible reasons you’re reading this post: 1) you were right there, amidst all the action of the #ctmeetup 2016 and now wanting to relive a bit of the good times. Or 2) you were sadly not there, and with nose squished against the window, you now longingly wish to see what you missed out on, and wonder why you didn’t just get yourself a ticket.

Only kidding! Really, I kid, I kid. I joke, I joke…

Except, I actually do wonder why you didn’t just get yourself that winning ticket and join in.Because, honestly, you did miss out.

The name Cindy Alfino has Continue reading

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Some good ol’ fashioned fun that was had at the Good Housekeeping BrightFuture Family Fun day

Last week I previewed the Good Housekeeping brightfuture family fun day, sponsored by Good Housekeeping, Unilever, Kelloggs and Nutriday, for you. And what an awesome day it really was – not to mention a day with a real purpose. I knew that Unilever BrightFuture is a global campaign that aims to amplify the efforts of a growing community of people who believe it is possible to build a world where everyone lives well and sustainably. I was also aware that this event was to create awareness around how we, as parents, as human beings, can help build a brighter future for future generations, but honestly, I was pleasantly surprised to realize just how green the theme really was.

In fact, right as you enter, you’re hit with some Continue reading