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Why You Should Totally Take That Babymoon!

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This is one thing that Mike and I never regret. Granted we never regret any time we travel. But even more so is travelling together, and creating amazing memories when we are on the brink of bringing a new life into this world.

So to be clear, a babymoon is essentially a special vacation you take with you spouse, usually while pregnant, or just before you intend falling pregnant. (In other words , it’s much like a honeymoon, except this is that special time together before your step into the incredible and deep waters of parenthood. Or deeper in the waters, in the case of more children.)

Local Babymoon: Ready to pop with Morgan-Lee

Local Babymoon: Ready to pop with Morgan-Lee

Sure, some might argue that you’re whole life together so far has been one big babymoon already – what’s so special about this trip. BUT, nothing brings on focus and clarity quite like being on the cusp of a new reality – of a whole new life. Babies have a profound effect on one, no matter which way you slice it, and sometimes Continue reading

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Houston City Last Drops


A.k.a: Goodbyes suck! But we had a great time

Life after vacation has been in full swing now for some time already. We’ve unpacked all the bags – except maybe one. (Mine’s has just been propped into storage under the summer section, but I count that as unpacked). So much has happened in our lives since then, and the vacation memories have been tucked into a few times already. In fact, between Morgan and myself, I think we’ve dipped into those precious memories more than the rest. And for good reason…

Exit Mexico stage left mini-drama, and the last bits of family and the inspirational city of Houston:

With the Continue reading


Disney World & Cancun, Mexico – What dreams are made of!


…And when they get a little crushed.

Be warned, super long post and lots of pix…It’s the grab a cuppa and settle in type of post today! 🙂

It goes without saying that we had a fantastic holiday…Like praise, Jesus! Gratitudes to the brim (no, for real)..But, guys, I’ll be honest with you and say, amidst all the happy go luckiness of travelling, we got our dreams a little crushed along the way.

You see, the plan was Continue reading


Houston Summer: Our home away from home

Freakazoids people, I feel like life has swallowed me whole and that this blogging world of mine was fast becoming a distant memory. Just trying to get this post out – one I wrote weeks ago- has taken forever. If I keep it up at this rate, you’ll only get to hear about the Mexico leg of our trip in about five years – give or take. But at least I could tackle one very important post though, that is #CarseatFullstop. Thankfully though, I’ve managed to get this post here, it’s live, it’s out there blowing in the internet wind, making me still alive and kicking in this here blogosphere. So without further adue, the start of Houston Summer:

There is just something about driving through an American suburban area that makes me feel good in my innards; That makes me feel like home. Maybe it’s the Continue reading


Our US Summer Vacation: The fun starts with the journey


It’s been seven years. Seven very long years since I’ve seen my sister. Eight years for my nieces, and well, a couple of months since my brother-in-law. But dude. Seven years. Its just crazy to think about, right? So I don’t. I instead just focus on when I’m going to see her again. (Which is what I’m currently doing actually!) One would think the time and distance may put a hindrance on our relationship- but it never has. Like, ever. And there’s something to be Continue reading

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We’re back!!

#PorterSummerVacay2016Extended blog pause due to awesome summer vacationing in the US of A!

But we’re back. After eight different aeroplanes, a total of 80+ hours of travelling, and far more time in airports than we actually preferred, it’s actually good to be back home. Even with the acceptance that the daily grind is what we’d have to come back to, it’s still good. A concept that I’m trying hard to put across to Morgan-Lee; that, that’s the thing about vacations – they come to an end. But that, that’s also the magic of vacations – that it’s so very different from every day life, that it only begs for countless returns. Although to be honest, I’m also a fan of her theory where this vacation life never needs to be left…like, ever. #wisdomofchildren I like it a lot more than mine actually. : )

Needless to say, the majority of our first few days back home was spent with all of us piled into Continue reading


Second chances at Summer: Our Summer Holiday Bucket List

2016-06-09 10.52.00

Do you know what I’m loving especially about the fact that we’re going this time of the year to my sister? Well, aside from that I miss her and her family so terribly much, and just cant wait to hold her and squeeze her, and huddle over indulgent breakfasts at her breakfast table in our jammies, WITH our mom, to talk until her hubby and the cows comes home again, and the fact that she’ll finally get to meet my children? Well, it’s that we land smack bang at the start of their summer!

Meaning, we get to have a bit of an extended summer…or at the very least a second chance at summer – so all those little fun things that we didn’t get to do during our’s is now ripe for the picking!

Thing is, I didn’t think of it in that way, until my  Continue reading