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Fun Winter Bucket List for the Kids (BEFORE New Baby Arrives)

Our Easy Winter Bucket List to promote family time & keep the boredom away

So this pregnancy not being our first rodeo, we know that the home dynamics are going to change for our little family soon. Subtly in some ways, as well as drastically in other ways. While some changes will be drastic, but only temporarily. You know, things like parents’ disposable time and energy for one is definitely one of those temporarily drastic entries – although truth be told, six years on, and the energies have never truly returned to form. But Mike and I know this, and are not going to get caught with our pants down. Sure we’ve made it work in the past and always tried to ensure Morgan-Lee had my eyes and ears and love when she needed it, even with a little Parker-Grace newborn baby bossing the house around. But something tells me we won’t be able to just wing it this time. I mean, we will officially be outnumbered this time around, and the rain falls, temperatures drop, and kiddy cabin fever looms! 🙂

So what do I do when I’m feeling like Continue reading

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Captain’s Log: Preggo update week 18 to 27

Captain’s Preggy’s Log: Star date: Week 30, but devoted to eventually catching up on all past weeks here on this blog…one day. But you already knew that. So since it feels like I’m never ever actually going to catch up, I thought I’d go with a bulk update today. Yes, life has been pretty busy – hectic in fact (see why here)- but in truth, it’s also been a touch of laziness, as I cant seem to recall all that has transpired in these past few weeks. So yes, this post is spurred on by some determination, but also peppered with laziness. Lazy determination it is then. Whatever it takes, I say.

Also the past few weeks (from 18 to 27) have been a blur of goodness. Yes, just absolute goodness and awesomeness in the pregnancy stakes. Feeling fab and energised and able to move around without that dreaded Continue reading


Penguins of Madagascar – A Secret Agent Party! (& Free Templates!)

(Note: I’m sad because there aren’t any real good pix taken by me at the party. Mike and I were all too in the mix. However, be warned, this is still a photo HEAVY post!)
(EDIT: Added my favourite part: The invites!)

If I were ever on the hunt for all things 6 year old, after this weekend, I’d know exactly now where to go…You know, magical six year old things like a steady bubbling anticipation of one’s birthday a month in advance already, with regular check-ins on the calendar –how many more sleeps. That’s eventually followed by the ultimate crescendo of unadulterated excitement over another birthday that has finally come. (although truthfully, that’s a lot of adults too.) The inexplicable thrill of sticker books, and the joy for all things crafty. The enjoyment of creating things with your hands – even if it’s just your mom giving you pretend power tools to help her with bedroom décor DIY. All these sweet and adorable things that you’d be crazy to not want to collect and keep for later enjoyment.

I’d also be sure to get samples of all that energy and love for dance and music, even the awkward but cute moves. And I’d definitely grab a few sprinkles of Continue reading


Little Girls Winter Warm-up with Cotton On Kids

With winter well and truly on the way (well, we can only hope what with our current drought), you know that as a mom your mind is already flitting through the thousand and one warm, practical and cosy, yet cute as a button outfits your kids are going need for the coming season. At least, I know that’s where my head is at, amidst the myriad of other really pressing items of motherhood too.

And it’s a fact that everyone shops differently for the kids. So the way I shop for our kids depends on Continue reading


Morgan-Lee’s 6th Birthday: Let me tell you about my 6 year old!

Note: I’m only a week late for this, but that’s ok. Let’s just pretend it’s 19th May and Im slap bang on time, and not drowning just little bit in the storms of life. 😉 Also, as parents, I think it’s perfectly acceptable for any parent to go ahead and brag about our kiddies. Because, personally, I think it’s less of a brag and more just voicing our amazement at this creature that God has beautifully and uniquely crafted. I mean, sure there is alot we parents nuture within them. But mostly, the way I see it, is that we are merely protectors, guides and nuturers to these little beings, to help them on their way, and help them find their path, and their purpose and joys in this life. And generally to teach them how to NOT be little a-holes that grow up to be big a-holes. The rest was all our Creator. He takes all the credit for his creations. So, please indulge me a little now then to voice all my amazement of my six year old Morgan-Lee…and maybe also a few fears that grip me at times…

Sitting here staring at my pc…slightly at a loss for words as I try to stitch together all my emotions and thoughts and joys and hopes for my first born’s birthday today, and weave it into some semblance of a true reflection of all the love the pulsates through my entire being for this child.

My thoughts constantly drift back to the Continue reading


Big LIFE things!…(Looks like it IS a year of incredible change!)

Side Note: This was meant to be a quick midweek post to share some of the amazing changes thats happening for us right now. But what with this being my girl’s birthday week and all, things are downright crazy. Also having people in and out of your home fixing things that break at such lousy times makes you lose touch with the whole date-time continuim. So much so this post never saw the light of day. But I’m pushing it out the nest anyway! Because instead of getting started on party prep, I wrote this instead. So, hell yeah, its going out!

Time to hitch those big panties up real high and toight, I’ve got some big life stuff happening right now!

And I mean big! Well, to me they are big…Wait, no…No, this really is some major life stuff things happening here. Any way I slice it. Some days it feels like just too much to actually juggle..and like I’m getting nowhere as it is. And am I a nutter for even thinking of taking all this on. Especially when I know how many times I’ve dropped all those juggled balls in the recent past. But then I remember all the other times I’ve dropped the ball, and oh, look Continue reading


Celebrating Forty in the French Corner: Our Franschoek Getaway

Warning: Super long post and loads of pix!
If there is one thing I don’t do much or enough of on this blog, is sing my hubby’s praises. For the man he is to us. To all of us. I mean, I do sometimes– one can’t quite help but bring it up now and again when delving into certain parenting matters on this blog, as it is so integral to our journey. But not often on it’s own. And its not for the lack of wanting, but mostly because I often feel I cannot find words that adequately express my feelings, appreciation and admiration for him. And that I often feel like trying to put it into words may cheapen what I feel, or not accurately embody what I have for this man in my heart. So often his birthday comes and goes, with little to no mention here.

And that long, maybe almost pointless ramble was just to let you know that his recent birthday was a big one: His 40th! Yes, folks, the big 4-0! The beginning of the Continue reading