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The back to front Easter

This year, there was no early morning puffy eyed, pyjama clad beasties tumbling into our bed, ready to check if they could find any tell tale bunny paw prints around the house. Nope. None of that. I could say, it was because one small beasty kept us all up till past 1am in the morning with her shenanigans (“But its fffun to play in your bed,mama!”. (Yes, 1am – what in the effing eff?). But no, it was actually because, our newest and most darling little nephew was being baptised this easter.What a special baptism to be held on Easter. What a special Easter!

Meaning early morning treks called for ripping poor littles from their sweet dreamland state. Something I hate doing, but being god-parents meant that Continue reading

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The Easter Bunny’s Goody List 2017

Its that time of the year again, when Easter Bunny is needing a bit of help with his Easter basket shipments. And who am I to not to step in and help the brother out.

Also, we’re only just around the corner from Easter, so if you’re like me, and leave most things to the last minute, or maybe youre just generally still struggling to think of what to fill your kids baskets up with this year, fear not, I have your back! I tend to keep ours simple. Thereby, keeping the costs a little bit more at bay and the Continue reading

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The Torch of Family Tradition and How to Dye your Easter Eggs (the super easy way)

If you’ve been following this blog for some time now, you’d know that it’s a Grammer family tradition to decorate the Breakfast Easter eggs before chowing down on them. There are some truly sweet and vivid memories that come with those Easter traditions of my family- and I always talk about it on here. So needless to say, I’ve ensured that, that torch of tradition keeps burning with this, our little, family.

Granted, I’ve not passed on all of my family traditions. I mean, like, I am yet to tackle hot cross buns on my own as a married woman- as much as I swear I WILL one day!. And pickled fish… well, home-made pickle fish may not find its way into my home just yet. Especially when Continue reading


Magical Leprechaun Rocks – Fun & Easy St. Patricks Day Activity for Kids

How to make fizzling, fun, magical Leprechaun Rocks

So, as previously eluded to ,in last years post, I didn’t grow up with much fuss over St. Paddy’s day. And well, neither did Mike. Save for our exposure to American TV of course. But I still find that weird, as Mike’s granddad was Irish Oi-rish. But, as you know, it doesn’t take much to get me going on a holiday. So, with Irish blood coursing through my children’s veins, of course I’m breaking out the green everything in celebration thereof!

But let’s be straight here, I’m a full time working mom, so no surprise then that my time is always at a premium, not to mention my energy levels are iffy at best now during pregnancy. So rest assured that I am all about quick and easy, yet effective crafts that are not going to swallow me whole! Enter Leprechaun Rocks!

But what are Leprechaun rocks, Tracey? I hear you ask. Well, they’re fun little Continue reading


A Peek into our Christmas 2016

Our lounge may still look like the wrapping paper wasteland it was from christmas morning. With bits of ribbon tripping up someone at any given time…(Ok, ok, no, I actually cleaned that up yesterday – took every ounce of my strength to get into it, but I did). But fairy lights now swing low over our forehead in the gallery, as the staples and tape that once held them in place have loosened their sticky grip. And to be honest there’s bits of christmas still strewn all over our home. I mean, our tree doesnt go down until the 5th of January in any case, and honestly, we’ve learnt to just kind of leave certain lights up all year in the house anyway – sure made this year’s lights-on process a helluva lot easier. But the truth is, we dont want it to end.

And by “we”,I just mean the girls and I. Which is kind of cool, because up until last year, it was mostly Continue reading


Christmas Eve Box – Our Family Tradition

(pictured above:Christmas 2015, in all our matchy-matchy cheeseball glory)

Whilst a Christmas Eve box was not part of my childhood, I desperately used to wish it was. Much like my brother and I, as kids, used to spend hours paging through our neighbour’s Mattel’s US toy catalogue, fantasizing about the awesome toys that our SA shores had never ever even seen. (This would also slightly explain why he and I spent hours in the toy section in a London store as young adults, oogling and testing ALL the toys to see which ones to bring back for our nieces and nephews – that toy catalogue fascination never left us!) Roll on to where I am now a parent, and fortunate enough to indulge in all my Klismassy fantasies which also never left me, I made sure that a Christmas eve box was a tradition for our little ones.

Our fourth year in now, and I’m feeling Continue reading


Stocking Stuffer Ideas for kids 2016


…(and for tweens and teens)

As long as I can remember, I used to beg my mom to put up a mantel piece over fireplace in our family home – purely for Christmas reasons. With particular focus being placed on the Christmas stockings. But with our fireplace being more of a 70’s retro style, a mantel piece would never work. A tiny regret my mom still speaks of till today. So fast-forward to us moving into our home five years ago WITH a fire place that is stocking-hanging friendly, my stocking stuffer game came to life!

Five years in, I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at stuffing that ol’ sock. But what exactly quantifies it as pretty good? Well, a good mix of medium to well-priced goods that are actually cool or interesting/fun, and not just junk that will end up Continue reading