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Family fun and entertainment at the Good Housekeeping BrightFuture Family Fun Day

Children having a sack race outdoors.Looking for really exciting ways to keep the kids entertained over the weekend, while also keeping your interests peaked? Well then, look no further than the Good Housekeeping BrightFuture Family Fun Day,happening next week Sunday, 10th April.

We, as most parents try to keep our kids fairly active and mindful of exploring their world around them, often doing things that they love on our days off. However, I don’t know about you, but Mike and I have fairly busy and demanding lives, and as much as we Continue reading



The double life of Jackal & Hide will suit all your big night out cravings

Photo cred: Food24

Photo cred: Food24

So I’ve been wanting to check this joint out for yonks, ever since I spotted the rather intriguing name last year…But,as you may well know, being a parent often means some serious NASA–level communication and co-ordination with your “village” (if they’re available) to make date-night happen. (I ain’t even kidding). So about three weeks ago when our open-air cinema plans fell through, but we still had a secured babysitter for the night, we grabbed at the opportunity to finally pop in at the hot and fine, Jackal& Hide.

View from across the street at night

View from across the street at night

From the moment you enter from atop the stairs, you’re immediately struck by the Continue reading

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Izakaya Matsuri: Japanese cuisine at its finest AND most relaxed

entrance_intro 20150411_203451
This past weekend, we got to celebrate this guy…
My very own personal little dream come true, built-exactly-according-to-spec hubby. And it was a FULL day of celebration from the beachy morning, a lunch, cake ‘n tea, right down to a very taste bud satisfying dinner at one of Cape Town’s little hidden gems, Izakaya Matsuri!

Birthday boy had a major sushi craving that needed tending to, so I was Continue reading

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Easy family time at Meerendal Farmer’s Market

I promise they had an awesomely fun time, despite those faces you see here.


So this market is not exactly your sprawling lawns, with stalls as far as the eye can see kind of market. No. But that is exactly what I LOVE about it! Because,honestly, there are days when we just don’t feel like the crowds, or the hipster buzz, or being spoilt for choice. I know that sounds weird…Normally that’s some of the best bits to a market, right? But ya know, when you’re really tired from a work week, one that’s been peppered with one too many sleep deprived nights courtesy of parentlife, and all the other responsibilities and commitments that go with it, sometimes we just don’t have the energy to navigate anything too big. But we know the kids need to get out of the house as much as we do. Yes? Well, then Meerendal Farmer’s Market is just the thing for you!

It’s got a little bit of everything, caters sufficently for entertaining kiddies, and certainly does satisfy any Continue reading

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Bread and Butter: A kid-friendly eatery where you can have your bread buttered on both sides and eat your cake too!


So after eyeing this joint for more than two years, I finally made my way to bread and butter in November last year, and have been back multiple times ever since. And if you ever go there (or keep reading), you’d understand why… Continue reading


Everyone’s a braai master at Galbi

So back in July I celebrated yet another trip around the sun. More importantly to note, I got to spend it with a bunch of great people Im grateful to call friends, at an awesome little restaurant called Galbi’s. It was an evening of hands-on fun and great food!

But that evening of awesomeness almost didn’t happen. You see, truth be told, Continue reading


The chemistry between me and this ice cream was real! (New hangout for you and kids)

Full shot of the cream store.

Full shot of the lab…errr…ice cream store.

So in my quest to find and bring to you the finest Halloween pumpkins and decorations that Cape Town offers, I stumbled across an awesomely delicious mad scientist discovery….Say hello to N2Ice Cream Lab!!

I was on my way to the Continue reading