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The Torch of Family Tradition and How to Dye your Easter Eggs (the super easy way)

If you’ve been following this blog for some time now, you’d know that it’s a Grammer family tradition to decorate the Breakfast Easter eggs before chowing down on them. There are some truly sweet and vivid memories that come with those Easter traditions of my family- and I always talk about it on here. So needless to say, I’ve ensured that, that torch of tradition keeps burning with this, our little, family.

Granted, I’ve not passed on all of my family traditions. I mean, like, I am yet to tackle hot cross buns on my own as a married woman- as much as I swear I WILL one day!. And pickled fish… well, home-made pickle fish may not find its way into my home just yet. Especially when Continue reading



Magical Leprechaun Rocks – Fun & Easy St. Patricks Day Activity for Kids

How to make fizzling, fun, magical Leprechaun Rocks

So, as previously eluded to ,in last years post, I didn’t grow up with much fuss over St. Paddy’s day. And well, neither did Mike. Save for our exposure to American TV of course. But I still find that weird, as Mike’s granddad was Irish Oi-rish. But, as you know, it doesn’t take much to get me going on a holiday. So, with Irish blood coursing through my children’s veins, of course I’m breaking out the green everything in celebration thereof!

But let’s be straight here, I’m a full time working mom, so no surprise then that my time is always at a premium, not to mention my energy levels are iffy at best now during pregnancy. So rest assured that I am all about quick and easy, yet effective crafts that are not going to swallow me whole! Enter Leprechaun Rocks!

But what are Leprechaun rocks, Tracey? I hear you ask. Well, they’re fun little Continue reading


Our Second North Pole Party – cue curiosity and wonder!

The second year of our North Pole party already done and dusted, with sweet little memories nicely tucked away for future indulging.

Not to say it went off without a hitch. One would have thought we’d be a little more well-oiled second time around, right? Well, at least I thought we would. But with end of the year energies flagging, and me feeling an extra sense of fatigue, things were a bit stop-start. I was still snapping at Mike about lights as guests arrived – lights I asked him to sort out 4 weeks prior. But who’s counting? Cookies the girls and I never got around to finish icing (despite their constant reminding to me – geez, I owe them a proper cookie day I guess) And by the time the guests rolled around, I was still busy putting the last few touches together.

Which made me super glad I decided to keep the guest list small, even though Morgy really wanted a couple of her school buddies to join in this year. And I can tell you, I was this close to caving in, especially since this was her Continue reading


A Rainbow Unicorn Princess Party for Parker-Grace…



That’s right! I crap you not! A REAL one! And I’m super excited to show you all that, but before get there, please allow the sap in me to wax some lyrical about my baby girl….

There’s a little girl who seems to have effortlessly mastered the art of exisiting within layers of paradoxes. A roughian, a bruiser, who’s most comfy in twirly dresses and sparkly shoes, with a marshmallow heart.

She’s also managed to creep deeply into my heart, and made herself snug right there (right along with her sister) when celebrating her, it comes as no surprise then that unicorns were the name of the game.
In fact when you think that she’s unique filled with an adventurous spirit, petite (almost like some sort of magical creature), yet strong and courageous; Carving her own will in this world already, with a penchant for all things girly, even though she’s so rough and tumble. She brings a world of colour with her and sprinkles a little bit of magic wherever she goes…, it’s only natural then Rainbow Unicorn Princess party is it…

And boy did we bring the unicorns! Continue reading


The cuteness of Halloween…and the one where we got it all wrong!

Welcome, and no, you’re not stuck in a time warp. Yes Halloween was about two weeks ago. You’ve just stumbled upon my own little blog ground hog day, where Im playing catch up on all the little bits and bobs that happened whilst on my little blog break.So stick around, and join me as I reminisce on one of the most fun and silly family events in our home…Halloween 2016

There was a mad rush to get home this year – Halloween being in the week and all this year. But we needed to beat traffic, cram in some form of nutritious dinner before the sugar fest of trick=treating was about to ensue! Our neighbourhood had recently (and much to my Halloween loving self’s joy) finally hopped onto the halloween bandwagon and started doing trick or treating in the masses for the past three years now. And every year we are ready for them, when they ring that bell – always have been. (I remember 2008 we even had sound effects as the door opened for them!) But this year, since we wisely decided against our annual Halloween party, we decided to join them on the streets instead.

So the excitement was high, and the expectations were even higher. The costumes were sorted, and we were owning them. Just a pity then that we didn’t get the Continue reading

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Halloween: It’s almost Game Time!!!

Now don’t I feel silly posting Halloween warm-up posts, well after Halloween. But I suppose that’s what I get for taking a much needed break, eh. And it was good I did. Short-lived, and I very likely needed much more – im not going to fool myself here – but it was a good start. However, I have a couple of posts already written, as well as some bits of life that I really want to share with you but haven’t yet even put it into words. So bear with me, as I do a bit of groundhog day with you and relive a fews days gone by in the upcoming posts. 🙂

If you were to take a walk through our home right now, you’d not at all be mistaken as to what time of the year it is…and if you were living under a rock and needed a dummy’s guide to it all – like why does this woman not clear out her cobwebs already – there’s a countdown calender up in the front entrance of our home, just for you, clearly marking off Parker-Grace’s birthday AND Halloween!

(On a side note, my girls tried ticking off a few more days in advance on that calendar in hopes of speeding things up a bit – like, “Mooooooo-ommmmm! Look, it’s Parky’s birthday AND Halloween already!!”..*sigh*…Next time, no need for such elaborate plans,kids… Just ask for that chocolate )

Granted, a lot of those cobwebs you’d see up in our home are not actual props, per say…But for Continue reading


Easy Pumpkin Painting Party

This being our third year into it, Pumpkin painting is quickly becoming a sweet little annual tradition that my girls and I are loving. It’s easy, no fuss, no sharp tools to watch over and keeps them occupied for a lonnnnnng time. Although given the recent rough ride life has handed to us, energies were desperately low – like my snapping mommy schpiel was sadly becoming a permanent fixture in our house. I couldn’t have that – not for Mike or my girls! So what do I do when I start stumbling over demotivation rocks? I give myself targets in life to help refocus. And doesn’t have to big ones either…little pumpkin parties over the weekend will do the trick just fine. Besides, with so much focus on Parker recently, our little Morgy was getting the short end of the attention stick, so instead of just saying “Let’s paint pumpkins!” (which would have gone over just fine too), I slapped the “party” lable onto that sucker, much like proverbial glitter and suddenly I had an excited-for-life Morgy again. (She and I speak the same love-language: crafts and celebration get us jacked-UUUURP!)

This was by far the quickest and easiest party I’ve ever arranged, and so glad my energy levels met my (mini) goal challenge head on – it didn’t last all day, but hey, it showed up…And that’s what counts. Right? Also, along with the Continue reading