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Winner of Canal Walk’s Peter Pan Family Pass tickets…

Oh, hello! I know why you’re here, and I’m so glad you came. I’m hoping it’s YOU that I’m sending off to this sweet little show with a big fat smile! If not, there’s always the next time! 😉 Thanks to ALL of you for entering – you guys rock! Especially when you actually follow the two simple instructions – much love to you! And now that you’re here, I hope you stick around and have a look-see around my little corner of the interwebs. Maybe even stay and chat a while. I’ve got a broad spectrum of topics that pop up around here. And truth be told, I love hearing from you, and hearing all the differing perspectives and ways we are all doing motherhood. Parenting. DIY’s. Crafts. Whatever… But for now, let’s focus on why we’re all here: that lucky winner that gets to take their little family to watch the Peter Pan production at Canal Walk this school holidays!

Right…And the winner is: Continue reading



Theatre Night with the kids & #Win a Family Pass to Peter Pan Canal Walk


If there is something that I truly cannot hide, then it is my love for theatre. Be it opera, plays, musicals, or ballet – oh dear, Lawd, the ballet! *swoon*. I grew up going to the theatre from a young age, and had folks who too regularly indulged in theatre. In fact, our dear neighbour was one of SA’s top opera house singers, so many of my days were spent on our sunlit balcony listening to her practice for her next performance. Needless to say, I’ve been itching to get our girls’ toes dipped into a bit of this theatre life. And with the recent Gala launch of Peter Pan at Canal Walk recently, it was clear that our girls have been now also been bit by the theatre bug.

The excitement was already there from the time we queued outside the creative castle-like theatre they’ve constructed in the centre of Canal Walk, by the foodcourt. And this excitement carried all the way through to the inside, where the girls were taking in the Continue reading


**WIN** A Family Fun Pass to the #IceAdventure (with Baskin Robbins) at Canal Walk

The summer holidays are in full swing, and in fact, are already half way through!(Where’d the time go?!) But if you’re still looking for fun activities to do with your kids, fear not mama’s….there’s an #IceAdventure waiting just for them to enjoy!

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well then here, have a peek inside this little fun world. Continue reading


*Win* an exquisite Mother’s Love Portrait Session with Josie Photography



If I wanted to count the amount moms I know who’ve complained about not having many decent pix with their own kids, that are not those awkward selfies, I’d need to grow a couple extra dozen more fingers. Am I right? And there’s no way we are counting the work of our very loved but clearly non-instagrammy dads who really actually don’t want to “quickly take this photo”. I mean let’s be honest – a lot of their shots are strong contenders for the “nailed-it” memes. And if you do get lucky with everyone being in frame, and it’s not all big-foot blurry, chances are you probably all aren’t looking to the lens, or smiling and looking your best. Or junior over there might even be elbow deep up his nose going for gold. Ok, ok, ok, so that last one may sound a bit much…but this happens people. This is real life parenting, and real life parenting often doesn’t make space for perfect pictures WITH mom in it. Unless of course, you have Josie in your life.

Who is Josie? Josie Van Zyl? Well, only one of the Continue reading


Wrap up of another rocking #CTMeetup (Pssst- Awesome BabySense Giveaway alert!)

There could only be one of two possible reasons you’re reading this post: 1) you were right there, amidst all the action of the #ctmeetup 2016 and now wanting to relive a bit of the good times. Or 2) you were sadly not there, and with nose squished against the window, you now longingly wish to see what you missed out on, and wonder why you didn’t just get yourself a ticket.

Only kidding! Really, I kid, I kid. I joke, I joke…

Except, I actually do wonder why you didn’t just get yourself that winning ticket and join in.Because, honestly, you did miss out.

The name Cindy Alfino has Continue reading