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Soft Kissable Lips with this Natural Homemade Lip Balm Recipe


An easy natural lip balm tutorial

So if you haven’t noticed it, yet, I’m kind of like a DIY junkie…Maybe it’s my naturally crazy, ever-present need to make stuff that has for some strange reason just stepped up a notch. Or maybe it’s the lack of my sweat dripping on some studio floor somewhere, or the mommy-sanity levels are out of whack, and I need a creative release somehow …I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about DIY that gives me some sort of wild ride of satisfaction lately…also when I start loosely using the term “wild ride” with “DIY” in one sentence, then it should be apparent to you that I may need to get out some more. Or, like go jump off a bridge or something. Not sure, but my need to make shizz finally just met my intrigue with natural products. They got hot and heavy, and from them, their lovechild, natural homemade lip balm, was born!!!

Now if you could imagine that last bit of my introduction done in a skit Continue reading



How lovely locks became locks of love

[UPDATE: Two updates added below, one being another easy way you can get involved in hair donation.]
Gosh, I’m back at work today, and reminded that January is already in full swing despite the fact that I still have most of my Christmas décor still up. Loads has happened since my last post here, and at the pace that things are going right now, I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to post a wrap up of it soon – maybe some time February..March(?) *eeep* However, what’s still fresh in my mind right now is this:


Yip, Morgan-Lee’s hair. That’s four- plus years of growth right there. Almost 80cm in length. And three days ago, it got the big chop!

A lot of people were gasping at just the Continue reading


Natural Relief for dry/itchy scalp: A breastfeeding woe.

Hormones woes got me like,

Hormones got me like, ” why so serious”

[UPDATE:Another link for some health tips for your scalp added towards the end.See below.]
Itchy scalp, is nobody’s friend. Whatever’s the cause: breastfeeding or not. The irritating and constant need to relieve the embarrassing itchiness with a quick scratch here and there. The unflattering flakiness that sprinkles it’s joy anytime you even just slightly touch your hair..urghhhh! Dry flaky scalp, with or without the itch is universally uncool in the highest factor. And for a long time, I suffered from it, thanks to the side effects of breastfeeding hormones.

I mean like, for my choices in nourishing my child, Mother Nature couldn’t be more rewarding, right?! (I have a few choice words for her about that- read that here.)

But such is life, and such is the human body. Particularly so for the female human body, who seems to endure so much throughout her entire life. Gotta love them hormones right? However, for every mud pie nature slings your way, there is also am equally opposing little ray of sunshine she has on offer too. So I’d like to share with you what natural methods Continue reading


Mom Funk: 5 Easy tips to get out of it

14448060841940-01So, I feel that there are different types of Mom FunksWhat are the types? Well, you see, that’s the tricky part: mom funks are so screwwed up, that they’re difficult to snap out of, let alone catergorize! But you will certainly know when you have it.Even if you didnt know there was a name for it, till now.

Not the easiest thing to dig yourself out of,once you’re in it, but certainly not impossible.In fact, I was given five easy changes to make Continue reading

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Valentines day gift ideas for that special pregnant lady in your life

Photo cred:

Photo cred:

Yeah, sure, there are soooo many excellent gift ideas out there, for all the women in the world, from the sweet to the sexy & sultry. But maybe that box of chocolates are just not going to do it this year. Or maybe you, yourself, are just looking for something different this year for the preggo in your life…Because sometimes…and only just sometimes (lol)…chocolate body paint with whipped cream (and actual whips) as a V-day gift just won’t go down as well with your lovely preggy boo. So just to help those awesome partners out there who are keen to spoil their bumpalicious lovelies, but are a little stumped as to what to get them this Valentines, have a look at the list below. Continue reading


A beauty scrub up, and a lesson in high lipase levels

Mother of two and owner of Bella Essenza, the demure and lovely Ulandi

The demure and lovely Ulandi

I was on the brink of my return to work from my victorious maternity leave. What is victorious, you ask? Well, no one died whilst in my care, the whole time. The WHOLE time! Not even me. Even though I did look pretty much like death warmed up. Clearly, I was in need of a serious scrub-up. So who’s a girl to call? Ulandi of Bella Essenza, of course!

Aside from my hair that was  Continue reading