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Café Paradiso – A Winter Dining Experience Must for the Whole Family!

Perfect Kid-friendly spot for the whole family

Looking for a cosy spot, with a fireplace, that serves up beautiful, delicious food to enjoy with the whole family? How about interesting yet homely-tuscan-rustic décor? Sounding good so far, right? Well, how about it being a truly kid-friendly spot, where the charming waiters have all the patience in the world with your kids? And how about entertaining your kids in the kitchen while you get to have great conversation with your good friends? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it’s all yours over at Café Paradiso.

Its part of the Madam Zingara family and it really is a gem. Especially if you’re looking for a sweet little winter hangout for a special lunch or dinner with the whole family – complete with that roaring fireplace.(They apparently do story time for the kids at this fireplace after 5:30pm – call to find out!)

As it goes in this, our current, season where the tides of life seem rushed and overwhelming, Mikey and I have hardly had time to connect with many of our good friends. So it was such a welcomed night out with our Continue reading



**WIN** A Family Fun Pass to the #IceAdventure (with Baskin Robbins) at Canal Walk

The summer holidays are in full swing, and in fact, are already half way through!(Where’d the time go?!) But if you’re still looking for fun activities to do with your kids, fear not mama’s….there’s an #IceAdventure waiting just for them to enjoy!

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well then here, have a peek inside this little fun world. Continue reading


Our Table Mountain Adventure: Alone with two toddlers & all the other fun with the Cableway #KidzSeason

ontherocksparkerWhat do you call a parent who willingly engages in mountainous activities with more than one toddler…all on her own? Ah, yes, I hear you say “crazy” …Well, I see your crazy and raise you “stupid crazy” ! 🙂 Then I’ll straighten up, flick my hair back and own that stupid crazy title like a boss…

‘Cause when you’re about to venture to the top of a mountain with a two year old and four year old…alone…you better make sure you Continue reading


Wintery fun for the family at Snow World this season (And a Family Pass giveaway!)

headerSnowworldIf any of you were at Grand West this past Thursday evening, and heard screams of joy and whooping echoing through the corridors…that would be my kids. You’d be forgiven if you thought you may have stumbled into Spring Break party of sorts, but it was just my two little girls on the 35 meter high slope, going warp speed, sledding down together, and enjoying the crap out it…Yes, apparently my girls are “whoop” girls…and I absolutely LOVE their spirit of fun!

That was their introduction to Snow world….A warm welcome, indeed!

No longer do you have to Continue reading


The My Little Pony Friendship Land and Nerf or Nothin’ Blaster Bootcamp is perfect for School Holiday Fun

Nerfor pny
Sidenote:Apologies in advance for the slightly blurry pix, but it was a very hands-on day. 🙂

So this past Sunday, Morgan-Lee and I were invited to spend the morning together at the latest Hasbro’s play experience, out at Canal Walk. It turned out to be just the thing we were looking for.

And with the fun that’s on offer, it may just be the thing YOU’RE looking for during these school holidays – especially since its FREE!

So, the back story is that Mike and I try Continue reading


Tygerberg Nature Reserve: Testing the hiking waters with baby and toddler in tow

dad and morgy descend

So I don’t know about you, but since the arrival of our very first little one more than four years ago, I pretty much said goodbye to a lot of my hobbies. Not to say that one can’t have kids AND your hobbies, in fact it is highly recommended for one’s sanity that you do. It’s just, I guess, I’m not the poster child for it – ‘cause well,I’m still very much trying to find the room and space in my life to be the kind of mother that I want to be, invest in our marriage, pay the bills AND still fit in time for Kenpo, dancing and hiking.(I suppose this also explains my current “sanity” levels.)

However, of that hat trick of hobbies I mentioned above there, we, as a family, found that hiking is probably the most do-able for us, because it can be done as a team sport, and because of the wide choice of Continue reading

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14 Ideas to keep the kids entertained this Winter

Mom and dad, we’re well into school holidays, and to top it off, it’s in the thick of winter, and THREE weeks long – are you prepared? Prepared to fend off the clawing case of cabin fever? Chronic boredinitus? Oh, boy, havent had a chance to plan anything yet!? Excited to get out there, but not sure where to? Well then, Continue reading