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Galaxy Play Dough – The Softest No cook Play Dough Recipe ever!


The Perfect Starry Night Sky Dough

So recently, the …errrmm…stars aligned for us as a family to have the perfect night for star gazing. A windless clear night with balmy temperatures of 35‘C….not to mention, no one had any sniffles. So for the first time in a very long time,Mike, myself and the girls all parked outside in our backyard on the mattress to enjoy a night of star watching.

With the girls now being a bit older, they got into it much more and absolutely enjoyed it. In fact, Parker reckoned as we packed up, “mom, I like playing in the dark”. Morgan piped up in agreeance. Which was all met by me cunningly rubbing hands together, plotting all the new fun little ways I could cook up, to help teach them about stars, planets and the basics of our galaxy. (Almost as if I’m any expert on it!Pfft!) But one thing’s for sure, these starry night adventures are Continue reading



Chocolate Cookie pops that make a cute little handmade Valentine’s Day gift…


…Or a just because :cookies!

So Im off to a bit of a late start with our Valentine’s Day Spread the Love mission – but rushing off from meetings to spend the afternoon with your kiddy in the ER will do that to you! So with a little anaesthetic and a few stitches later, my beasty was ready to help me ( and small beast) whip up a batch of Valentines Day goodies again.
Last Valentines, we went with a delicious Almond Cookie recipe, but this year, I found this cool Continue reading

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Homemade Christmas cookies:always a winner as handmade gifts or even for a Christmas kiddy activity

A small batch of the Christmasy crunchiness I'm handing out this year.

A small batch of the Christmasy crunchiness I’m handing out this year.

So I have some really lovely neighbours. And I grew up in a neighbourhood where when new neighbours moved in, my mom would bake them something wonderful, then she and my dad go over and introduce themselves. Others did the same, a few did not, even though they always enjoyed the gesture. But that didn’t matter- whether they returned the kindness or not – it was her gesture of love & kindness, not anything else.

I loved it. I always thought it was so charming, so much so, Continue reading


Getting crafty: Valentines Day cookies with the kids

Ok, so this might not be a craft strictly speaking. I suppose it belongs more under the bake section. But none the less, your kids will still have loadsa fun messing in the flour and butter goop, and cookie cutting. (all whilst still stimulating their tactile senses)
Kids entertained AND stimulated?? Double WIN!

Its a plain and simple vanilla almond cookie, decorated in honour of Valentines Day. Perfect little gift for Continue reading