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Baby Deliciousness (And a sweet Baby Sense Giveaway!)


Call me a sap if you want, but I find all things baby simply delicious. Delicious in the sense of chubby limbs, multiple chins, buttery skin, tiny poffer feet, and soft tufts of hair; Delicious as in that addictive I-can’t-stop-inhaling-my-newborn kind of way. I mean, what’s not to love? …Ok, except maybe the lack of sleep bit. Yeah, hold the lack of sleep part, thanks – that was a major suckatude for me on both counts. But everything else? Gahd, I could glaze over into an oxytocin coma from all of it.

And if you start talking about those little products and Continue reading



A morning of inspiration at the Kids Emporium Bloggers Breakfast

The Winning Squad

The Winning Squad

I’ve had both the honour and pleasure of being invited to quite a few events through this little blog of mine – all of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and always appreciated. However, I’ve got to say this event was truly something else! It was one where I walked away with more than just being entertained and informed by a company, or with an amazing little goody bag. Instead, I walked away enriched, encouraged and my mind brimming with the soul food that they had served up!

Not your average blogger event, now is it? Well, Kids Emporium is not Continue reading


Parenting Guilt and Clean Slates amidst Toddler Struggles and the Tides of Life

Parenting Guilt _Raising kids1

Photo credit: Marysol Blomerus; Day in our life shoot

Note: Written on Wednesday evening past

Ok, so I just got peed on my two year old baby girl that was actually already seated on the loo. Yes, seated, but somehow she still managed to soak me. Yeah, I also don’t know how that happened, but she got everything – my sweater, jeans, socks, shoes. Just everything. Mostly because it took me a while to realise what hit me…And just to give you some context, this happens after Continue reading


Tips for successful pumping at work

pumpatworkpicSo you’ve decided to continue breastfeeding after going back to work. (Or maybe baby decided for you) 🙂 High five, mama! But let’s be straight here, whether you have a high pressured job or not, keeping this pumping business up does take some doing. Or at least that was my experience in it. And I suppose me saying that may be surprising to those who knew how set I was on breastfeeding until baby decided it was time. But, as always, I’m going to keep it real for you. And despite it all, it is still very, very doable!

As with any undertaking in life, it’s best to go in Continue reading


On Big Families and Sibling Bonds

snuggleMorgyI’ve grown both tired of and used to the common reaction I get from most people when they hear how many children Mike and I would like to have. Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense to most people why we would want a large family, in this “day and age”, but also I’ve been fielding that question since I was about eight years old. In fact, I can still remember one of my first adlib Afrikaans orals I did in high school had me batting off that question. Mostly it’s been my dream, and thankfully I have a man who was and still is on board with it- so now it’s our dream. God-willingly, of course.

Maybe if you knew that I come from a large family, you’d maybe better understand why wanting a big family is less Continue reading

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Baby wearing: How to tie a baby wrap



Baby wrap 101: The basic tie.

This was actually a post that I wanted to publish right in the first few days I started blogging. Because, hells bells, this wrap saved my sanity. And there almost wasn’t much left to be saved. It was an absolute game-changer for me as a mother.
And I knew there’d be plenty of other moms out there who’d benefit from this little nugget of wisdom.

Sure, it’s not a newsflash, but so many moms out there are often either too overwhelmed by Continue reading


Survival Tips for Air Travel with babies and children

lixyAirportBeen thinking about traveling with your littlest baby? But you’re not so sure. Thinking whether they or you would survive the long haul. How well they would handle it or what you would do to make it all go smoothly? Or maybe you’re already picturing what would happen if your child loses it and you become enemy number 1 on the plane? And, then whether it would be worth it at all…Let me help you here…do it. Carpe Diam, dear. It’s always worth it. Besides, who’s to say it’s even going to be half as bad as you imagined?

Truth is, you actually have no idea how it all could go down. Whether it’s your first or tenth time, with children you just never know. The in-transit part is Continue reading