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How to make your own Pillow Mist – a gentle sleep aid for young and old

LavendarPillowmistlabelI’ve always heard of pillow mist, but as a hard-core insomniac, I was a bit iffy on the effeciecy of all that essential oil stuff. However, as my experience with more natural remedies and essential oils has grown over the years, I’ve learnt that often when these natural remedies “don’t work”, it was more because they weren’t being used correctly, as opposed to it being ineffective. So I knew it would be silly of me to write-off pillow mist.

And I don’t know about you, but this year, I’m getting my Continue reading



The simple picture that put me back on the road to Breastfeeding Success!

Photocred: Marysol Blomerus, A day in the life photoshoot.

Photocred: Marysol Blomerus, A day in the life photoshoot.

Ever been to the lactation specialist while having latch issues, where she grabs your boob and smoothly & seamlessly sticks it into baby’s mouth with the perfect latch? Then there’s you, all awe-struck and stuff. Amazing, you think! So you ask her to do it again, ’cause you’ve been struggling your touche off all this time, so it must have been a fluke, right? Except, she does it again. Perfect score. And you’re like “Halluleha, all my troubles have passed, let’s pack it up, I got this breastfeeding thing in the baaaag. Sianara, Nurse Awesome!”. Only to come home, sans professional help, and you and baby are all like fumblia-supreme. Again. Reopening old nipple wounds, frustration levels creep up again. Confidence levels tumble down. And you’re like “but, but…ohhh, ffs!”. Yes? Happened to you? Yeah. Me too.

In fact, very much so with baby number two. Now, I’m not sure if I even had as hard a time with my first or if it was more just the reality slap in the face that I got from the false sense of security that the experience with my first one gave me. I mean, I had been through some tough stuff with her first, so I was like, whatever breastfeeding challenges you’re bringing life, I got this! Except I didn’t. Because feeding baby number two was not at all like Continue reading


Our Christmas in pictures

The Porters: Very merry with unbrushed hair and unbrushed teeth...warming your screens up for you this festive season!

The Porters: Very merry with unbrushed hair and unbrushed teeth…warming your screens up for you this festive season!

Yes, just pictures…because, I’m honestly too exhausted to put together a cute little post that’s well strung together with some cohesive and clever little thought patterns. Also, we’re on the cusp of the new year, so aint nobody got time for that!

But I will say that, in keeping with our “not according to plan” theme of Christmas eve (see here), Christmas didn’t disappoint either. Like oh say, Continue reading


Drunk on Christmas Spirit

Oh me gosh!Can you feel it? I sure can! And if you walk into our home right now, you’d even be able to smell it too! What am I blubbering about? Christmas feels, of course!!! T’is the season indeed, and the Porter abode is alight with it! Actually, come to think of it, it’s literally alight with it.

That’s right, we got our shizz together this year, and actually had our lights up first weekend of December. Hot damn- that’s happened pretty much never before. We’re usually your 11th hour decorators, and compact all the magic of christmas into the week and a half leading up to Christmas, and then let it linger all the way till after the new year. (Because its far too much trouble to set it all up without getting your money’s worth out of it right?!) But this year? This year, just call us Mr. and Mrs. Claus, baby, ’cause we are totally ontop of it! (Although, I’m hoping the elves are going to work Continue reading

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Being Interviewed by ‘Becoming You’ Online Mag: some fun honest ramblings

becoming you interview 2o15.docx
Recently, I had the pleasure of being contacted by the lovely Kathryn, from the well-renowned online mag, Becoming You, which by the way, is an incredible space in the interwebs about everything from family to beauty. If you’re not already a fan of Becoming You, you simply have to go check out her space. She also does a weekly piece that features various bloggers – I love it- called “What I…“. And this week she just so happened to feature lil’ ol’ me!!!

It’s a fun little interview, that I totally Continue reading


Mastitis: My personal slice of breastfeeding hell and how to remedy it

Breastfeeding Parker-Grace Milnerton-20140112-02700Mastitis is one douchebag you certainly dont want to encounter on your breastfeeding journey. Like ever. She’s a cruel little wench that will pretty much have you ugly-crying up into the heavens for mercy…or possiby for a swift death. Whichever comes first.

In fact, it has often been the reason why many mothers out there call it quits completely on breastfeeding, despite how much they really wanted to. And, I for one, can tell you I DON’T blame them. Not one bit. If anything, I Continue reading


Maple Apple Rose Tart recipe: Family dinner joys and how to re-claim your kitchen-boss status

2015-11-10 21.05.36So recently, as mentioned in my October Round Up post over here ( you really should check that post out – its all things Octoberish and fun), we were blessed with a visit from my brother-in-law, all the way from the States.

Now whilst you may think, ya, ya, so what, a relative from overseas,blah, blah, blah, the thing is, this visit was an extra special one! You see, it would be the first time he EVER Continue reading