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Our 10th Annual Halloween Party: A Witches Convention

Sidenote: I only noticed this morning that this post did not go out on Hallowen Morning, as i thought I had scheduled it. OOPS! So let’s just pretend I dont have porridge brain, that I am not sleep deprived and actually got it right! Hmm, k? Thanks! 😉

It has to be said that trying to organize a Halloween party, as a   breastfeeding mother of a newborn, is something else. I mean, this is not my first rodeo, cowboy – in respect of both kids and the Halloween sense. But put a little bit of a) and b) together, and it makes for an interesting little juggling act. But driven  by passion for these kind of things, or pure madness (dumbness??)- whichever you feel is appropriate – we just about pulled  it off.

This is our 10th year running (I know, right?! TEN!) and even though this was our Continue reading



Penguins of Madagascar – A Secret Agent Party! (& Free Templates!)

(Note: I’m sad because there aren’t any real good pix taken by me at the party. Mike and I were all too in the mix. However, be warned, this is still a photo HEAVY post!)
(EDIT: Added my favourite part: The invites!)

If I were ever on the hunt for all things 6 year old, after this weekend, I’d know exactly now where to go…You know, magical six year old things like a steady bubbling anticipation of one’s birthday a month in advance already, with regular check-ins on the calendar –how many more sleeps. That’s eventually followed by the ultimate crescendo of unadulterated excitement over another birthday that has finally come. (although truthfully, that’s a lot of adults too.) The inexplicable thrill of sticker books, and the joy for all things crafty. The enjoyment of creating things with your hands – even if it’s just your mom giving you pretend power tools to help her with bedroom décor DIY. All these sweet and adorable things that you’d be crazy to not want to collect and keep for later enjoyment.

I’d also be sure to get samples of all that energy and love for dance and music, even the awkward but cute moves. And I’d definitely grab a few sprinkles of Continue reading


Our Second North Pole Party – cue curiosity and wonder!

The second year of our North Pole party already done and dusted, with sweet little memories nicely tucked away for future indulging.

Not to say it went off without a hitch. One would have thought we’d be a little more well-oiled second time around, right? Well, at least I thought we would. But with end of the year energies flagging, and me feeling an extra sense of fatigue, things were a bit stop-start. I was still snapping at Mike about lights as guests arrived – lights I asked him to sort out 4 weeks prior. But who’s counting? Cookies the girls and I never got around to finish icing (despite their constant reminding to me – geez, I owe them a proper cookie day I guess) And by the time the guests rolled around, I was still busy putting the last few touches together.

Which made me super glad I decided to keep the guest list small, even though Morgy really wanted a couple of her school buddies to join in this year. And I can tell you, I was this close to caving in, especially since this was her Continue reading


A Rainbow Unicorn Princess Party for Parker-Grace…



That’s right! I crap you not! A REAL one! And I’m super excited to show you all that, but before get there, please allow the sap in me to wax some lyrical about my baby girl….

There’s a little girl who seems to have effortlessly mastered the art of exisiting within layers of paradoxes. A roughian, a bruiser, who’s most comfy in twirly dresses and sparkly shoes, with a marshmallow heart.

She’s also managed to creep deeply into my heart, and made herself snug right there (right along with her sister) when celebrating her, it comes as no surprise then that unicorns were the name of the game.
In fact when you think that she’s unique filled with an adventurous spirit, petite (almost like some sort of magical creature), yet strong and courageous; Carving her own will in this world already, with a penchant for all things girly, even though she’s so rough and tumble. She brings a world of colour with her and sprinkles a little bit of magic wherever she goes…, it’s only natural then Rainbow Unicorn Princess party is it…

And boy did we bring the unicorns! Continue reading


DIY Fabric Stick-Dragons


An easy-peasy guide to making your own fabric based Stick Dragons

A huge hit at Morgan-Lee’s How to Train Your Dragon party was the stick Dragons that each kid got to adopt. I had a little make-shift stable for them at the party, and the kids loved them so much they selected their own dragons before we could even do the whole adoption/ earn your dragon’s trust ceremony. (Certificate of adoption template can be found here.) Clearly, they Continue reading


Vikings and Dragons Party for our adventurous five year old sparkler (FREE templates too!)


A How to Train your Dragon Party

Warning: Lots and lots of happy photos in this post! Like, lots!
(All links and downloads will be available soon.)

Sooooo…I could go the whole sappy route, and strum those heart strings on and on about what this celebration was about- what with it “only” celebrating my very first born turning five and all. But I won’t. Mostly cause I already played that tune; I strummed those strings, along with the rest of the entire heart string orchestra, all about yet another trip around the sun with my girl. (see here) As well as the dramatic metamorphosis she brought about in me, the day she was born into our lives, making me a mother.

BUT…What I will do is tell you about her awesome little Dragons and Vikings party we had recently!!

Also, those of you who Continue reading


A life’s joy reminder from my kids & the year of my pants down

I don’t’ know about you, but I feel like I’ve constantly been caught with my pants down throughout this year. Everything seems to just have crept up on me, and am then forced to fly by the seat of my pants…. Are there any other analogies using pants? ‘Cause if there are, it’d probably apply to me right now.

The fact that my fave pants no longer fit me, is another thing. But, I mean, the Continue reading