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Preggo’s Log, the Wedding Edition: Week 17 and Ready to Boogie!

Guys, it’s like the veil has totally lifted…And by veil, I mean, you know, that veil of sleep and lethargy that whilst it lightened up a very tiny bit before, has now fully let go of its vice like grip on me….So any of you preggos out there wondering when the dickens you’re going to feel less like death again, then just hold tight till week 17! I’ts like I’m fully morphed back into being human again. Albeit, a rather rounder, larger human being. But a human being, none the less. Which is super awesome as it just happens to coincide with our good buddy’s long awaited holy union in the same week. Meaning I could live it up at my fave kinda event:Weddings!

Not to mention, amazeball venues: Hello, Cavalli Wine Estate! Have you ever been? You’ve got to go! And then there’s the whole spit Continue reading


My five year old doesn’t want a Baby Sister – The aftermath of our Gender Reveal Party

Can we talk about THIS photo?!

Remember our sweet little Balloon Gender Reveal of the other day? The one with all the cute photos, and priceless expressions? Yeah, well, just look THOSE faces up there – I need to talk about this photo!

I mean, if ever the saying, “a picture speaks a 1000 words” was to be demonstrated, then this is the poster boy shot depicting just that!

You see, these two little girls of ours really had their hearts set on Continue reading


Gender Reveal: Girl or Boy, you already bring us JOY!

Guys, to say that I am emotionally spent after this weekend of gender revealing (and God-parent prepping for our new gorgeous lil’ nephew), would be an understatement of note. For I surely am!! But in a good way. Absolutely in a good way! It was a bit exhilarating actually.

And it felt good to feel this way again. In fact, it feels like it’s been a while. With the exception of actually seeing two lines on a peed-on stick, the last time I felt like this was maybe for our last big Continue reading


Is it a Boy or a Girl?!?! (Oh My Shattered & Excited Nerves of Joy!)

Guys, I can’t even hide it! We’re on the verge of finding out the gender of our latest team member, and Im all giddy about it. Sure, I’ve got deadlines looming, and all the reason to be thunderclouding right about now…But the truth is there is nothing that can detract from my sheer excitement of what’s about to unfold. All my brain is focussed on, is that little black envelope!

So, yes, those stupidly excited mugs up there? That’s real, unposed excitement of a mom and dad who are thrilled to find out the gender of their little bambino on the way. And yes, knowing that just one quick peek into that envelope could just put me out of my “misery” is kind of killing me softly, BUT my love for suprises will probably carry me through all the way to our actual gender reveal moment. So I. Will. Not. Crack! (despite my buddies insistence on just handing the envelope to her) 🙂 Although, truth be told, it’s not really for us…it’s more for Continue reading


Life after Death: That First Scan of Baby…

Man on man, that first scan! Isnt it some thing? Moms who’ve had the quintessential joy of seeing baby appear up on that screen would understand why I suffer from a lack words here in trying introduce it. For there truly are no words that seem adequate enough to honestly capture how the world seems to stop spinning; how conversations tend to fade into the background, and how tunnel vision kicks in, as your eyes focus wholly and solidly on that pure personification of love just wiggling on that screen.

Words will always fall flat when you try to describe to anyone. Only those that themselves have felt it before, know how much it truly moves you to the core to see that life within you confirmed before your very eyes. And no matter how many times you do this, I’ll wager that it never fades. In fact, considering my Continue reading


Captain’s Log: Preggy Update Week 16

Super casual,, complete with mom bun. But whatevs, it’s the only pic of week 16 that I have and thats how I look – deal with it 🙂

Captain’s Preggo’s Log
Star date Day nine billion seventy-leven…which in preggo-speak, is like week..(umm, that’s 40, divide by 3, minus 2, carry the 1)…Oh, forget it- I don’t even know anymore! I mean, wait…no, I do actually know – ‘cause I think I’m now slowly reaching the point in this journey where my brain is finally returning to its old trustworthy state. Well, almost. But that’s 16 weeks for ya!

And I say that last statement as if it’s always like that for me – which it’s not by the way! Totally not! This pregnancy is so not like the last one. Or like my first one. And yes, I get it : no two pregnancies are the same. But c’mon! Im the same body that carried it out! Logic would dictate then that the Continue reading


Styling The Bump: Trying to do Wedding Glamour While I’m Looking Like a Whale


Ahh, it’s a tale as old as time. Or maybe it’s only as old as my current state of panic when I realised yesterday it was two days before our dear friend’s wedding, and I still don’t have a thing to wear!!!!

Sure, I could wear the last dress I wore to all the fancy weddings we attended when I was preggers in previous years. (Do my friends just WAIT till I’m preggers to tie the knot? If so, just a warning: guys…I’m only planning one more pregnancy after this one,k. So, the rest of you, you better wrap it up already.I’m just saying.) 😉 Wait, where was I? AH, yes, my staple wedding guest dress: I mean, It was a lovely dress. But things are, how shall I say? A bit snug in that dress now. Probably some laundry malfunction, I’m sure – which was possibly aided by all the middle of the night milk ‘n cheese sarmies I get hubby to bring me. (Anyone else who gets ripped from sleep due to pregnancy hunger?)

Anyhoo, with Continue reading