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Café Paradiso – A Winter Dining Experience Must for the Whole Family!

Perfect Kid-friendly spot for the whole family

Looking for a cosy spot, with a fireplace, that serves up beautiful, delicious food to enjoy with the whole family? How about interesting yet homely-tuscan-rustic décor? Sounding good so far, right? Well, how about it being a truly kid-friendly spot, where the charming waiters have all the patience in the world with your kids? And how about entertaining your kids in the kitchen while you get to have great conversation with your good friends? Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it’s all yours over at Café Paradiso.

Its part of the Madam Zingara family and it really is a gem. Especially if you’re looking for a sweet little winter hangout for a special lunch or dinner with the whole family – complete with that roaring fireplace.(They apparently do story time for the kids at this fireplace after 5:30pm – call to find out!)

As it goes in this, our current, season where the tides of life seem rushed and overwhelming, Mikey and I have hardly had time to connect with many of our good friends. So it was such a welcomed night out with our Continue reading


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Launch of the brand new Belly 2 Tots store

When I was invited to the opening of a brand new baby and maternity goods store this weekend, I was honestly just expecting the usual ohh-and-ahh’s of all the pretty little stuff on their shelves. I was certainly not expecting to be moved to tears by the story of inspiration, that is Candice King – the owner of the brand spanking new store, Belly 2 Tots. But I suppose that’s one of my favourite things in life: Surprises!!

And boy does Candice, along with her new business venture pack a punch in the surprise department.

First up, hallelujah to Continue reading

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Gorgeous baby & toddler goods at Leo & Lola Baby Boutique

If you’re on the hunt for gorgeous little dresses, beautiful tiny shoes to cover those irresistable chubby baby feet, some organic baby toiletries , or even the cutest baby ones (cue major ovary aches), then look no further than the newly launched Leo & Lola Baby Boutique, out at the Palmyra Shopping centre in Claremont.

I was recently invited to their flagship store launch, where I met the lovely Continue reading


GIVEAWAY TIME with Toy Toggle!

toytoggle logo
I recently did a raving review about the simple yet genius piece of baby/toddler equipment called the Toy Toggle. It’s a practical piece of equipment that has certainly brought some piece of mind to our lttle household. For the full review on this Proudly South African product, go read here.

If you read that review, then you’d understand why Im such a fan of Toy Toggle. In fact, I love it so much I want YOU to also have one!!!

Continue reading


The nifty little Toy Toggle: So simple, its genius!

Easily secured, enabling eay access for baby, and safely out of the way not to be a choking hazard

Easily secured, enabling easy access for baby, and safely out of the way not to be a choking hazard

Lauren, the mastermind behind Toy Toggle, got in touch with me recently and was kind enough to give me a test run of their simple yet highly practical baby equipment. In fact, it looked so simple that I didn’t realise how practical and useful it actually was, until I started using it! The fact that it is Proudly South African, already sealed it for me.
See that little blanket with the taglets dangling there in the pic above? Well, meet Blankie. Parker-Grace’s sleep buddy and the Continue reading

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O-V Optics Sunglasses for Kids: Protecting your children’s gorgeous little sparklers from harmful UV rays

On our way to the stores: She's got swag. No, like, actually she's got the Swag model...and is "never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down"...Ricky Astley, anyone? No? oh well.

On our way to the stores: She’s got swag. No, like, actually she’s got the Swag model…and is “never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down”…Ricky Astley, anyone? No? oh well.

Ever look at those celeb’s kids with sunnies, and go “ahh, geez what a douchebag parent: dressing your kids up like little adults. What are they doing?” Nope? Me neither. But I am pretty sure a lot of people do look at them and dismiss it as purely cute accessories, when in fact, it really should be part of everyday life for every kid.

That’s right, kids wearing shades should be Continue reading

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Breastfeeding mamas, get the relief you need with Kendall Hydrogel Breastfeeding pads

kendall-hydrogel-2_jpg_pagespeed_ic_rZHBZIuz7hYou and your tiny little honeybunch still trying to get the hang of breastfeeding? So much so, your nipples are paying the price? You know, like broken nipples, split nipples or raw nipples? (Fan-freakin-tastic how your shirt chafes so nicely against them, isn’t it?) Or maybe you got a bit of engorgement going on? Maybe even the red-eye monster masitis?*cue dramatic music*… You know, when your boobs are on fire, and you’re pretty much about to die. And your tata’s are actually hot to the touch! Any of this sound familiar? Well then read on,darlings, as I may have the thing just for you, my breastfeeding mama! Say hello to Kendall’s Hydrogel Breastfeeding Pads!

Ok, so this is Continue reading