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How about some Humble Pumpkin Pie?

…Delicious, silky, yummy AND super easy to make pumpkin pie

So. With “pumpkin season” upon us, and my excitement dials amply turned up, I’ve got to say I was left a little disappointed once more this year. You see, I’m desperate to find some form of pumpkin festival or spot that would become my metaphorical encapsulation and release of the Halloween feels that course through my veins. Think pumpkin patches as you hunt for the perfect pumpkin, face-painting, pumpkin carving stations, hay bale mazes and themed rides..just another world of fun for littles and those young at heart. But alas we do not have such things in SA.

Granted our Continue reading


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Love Day Berry Pie

IMG_20160225_153122Its still the month of love, and what better way to bring it to a close than with some comforting pastry treats, like this little love pie with it’s warm and welcoming crust, that oozes sweet & tangy berry sauce.

It’s the perfect way to end off a Valentine’s day lunch, and an even sweeter way to celebrate a woman we all love. A honeypot of a woman who has all our hearts indeed: My sweet mother-in-law.

It’s her birthday Continue reading

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Marbled Roasted Berry Popsicles: an Easy Homemade Summer Essential

parkyIMG_7530Summer is still here folks..(said captain obvious, just in case the constant heat waves didn’t make it obvious to you)…which means indulging in ice lollies is a totally legit way to cool down without feeling guilty.

Now, whilst this popsicle is not my typical lolly that my kids are used to me making ( last year I whipped up lollies with a spinach and carrot twist, and still had my girls asking for more) it is still one we enjoy. In fact, it’s got enough sugar in there for me to not even try and pass this off as a pseudo healthy snack. BUT it’s flavourful, fun, tangy, and also had my girls’ drool factories going. (Can we have more please?) Continue reading

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Easy home made gifts: Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies in a Jar

[UPDATE: Amended the flour content to the recipe after three out of five attempts, I discovered the most reliable amount to use for best results.]
I had been wanting to try this idea out for some time now, and with the recent teacher gift season we just had, I thought would be a great reason to get cracking on it. I had also been hunting for jusssst the right recipe for some time now – brownies, cake-in-a-cup, etc., but then I realised I’m actually a bonafide cookie monster (seriously, you should see my posts on cookies already), so why not just stay true to myself and go with that.

Of course, if you throw in a big bag of Christmas, and my major weakness for it, I thought something cranberry-ish would be just the perfect compliment to the season itself. Therefore, Continue reading


Maple Apple Rose Tart recipe: Family dinner joys and how to re-claim your kitchen-boss status

2015-11-10 21.05.36So recently, as mentioned in my October Round Up post over here ( you really should check that post out – its all things Octoberish and fun), we were blessed with a visit from my brother-in-law, all the way from the States.

Now whilst you may think, ya, ya, so what, a relative from overseas,blah, blah, blah, the thing is, this visit was an extra special one! You see, it would be the first time he EVER Continue reading


Dora’s Rainbow Cake Recipe and Estrella cookie pops

So if you’ve checked out my post about my daughter’s Dora the explorer 3rd birthday party over here, you’d have noted the crazy colourful birthday cake, as well the Estrella (star shaped) cookies used as part of the Thank-you take-homes. Both of which, I thought, are SO Dora…colourful, vibrant and fun!

Fortunately they are also quite delicious – even if I say so myself. The fact that my cakes normally get polished off real fast at a party, leads me to believe that Continue reading


A festive sugar-free alternative: Easter Bunny Crackers Recipe

turned out great IMG_6205
So I have nothing against chocolate. In fact, Ive got nothing but lurrrv for chocolate. However, I am against the sugar frenzy that face our kids everyday, in this very commercial world we live in. Yes, my kids do get to indulge in treats now and again – Im no sugar-nazi. It is part of the world, so no ducking it. But when I do get a chance to eliminate/reduce it, I grab at that chance. Like say, at Easter…Yes, at Easter!Just hear me out… Continue reading