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Marbled Roasted Berry Popsicles: an Easy Homemade Summer Essential

parkyIMG_7530Summer is still here folks..(said captain obvious, just in case the constant heat waves didn’t make it obvious to you)…which means indulging in ice lollies is a totally legit way to cool down without feeling guilty.

Now, whilst this popsicle is not my typical lolly that my kids are used to me making ( last year I whipped up lollies with a spinach and carrot twist, and still had my girls asking for more) it is still one we enjoy. In fact, it’s got enough sugar in there for me to not even try and pass this off as a pseudo healthy snack. BUT it’s flavourful, fun, tangy, and also had my girls’ drool factories going. (Can we have more please?) Continue reading



Chicken Korma Curry recipe for baby and the whole family

I know what you’re thinking, “a curry? For a baby?”. Yip.If you haven’t heard of korma yet,it’s a curry paste that makes for a pretty gentle curry, that’s baby-friendly, packed with flavour and a great way to add diversity to your bub’s palate. Best of all this dish only takes about 20 min cooking time. These are all things you want to hear when Continue reading