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Hit up Sinatra’s for an incredible dinner and Odeon private cinema movie experience

Date night: because part of being a good parent is investing in each other as a couple.

Date night: because part of being a good parent is investing in each other as a couple.

So a couple of weeks ago hubby and I had such an incredible date night…I know, right…its already been weeks since we’ve had a date night. Sad. Yes. But the experience itself was so enjoyable, that its been tying us over quite nicely… Ok, fine! Who am I kidding!? Yes, we’re totally well overdue for another date night, but Im not even kidding one bit about just how wonderful Sinatra’s of The Pepperclub hotel is.

The Pepperclub is situated in Continue reading



The double life of Jackal & Hide will suit all your big night out cravings

Photo cred: Food24

Photo cred: Food24

So I’ve been wanting to check this joint out for yonks, ever since I spotted the rather intriguing name last year…But,as you may well know, being a parent often means some serious NASA–level communication and co-ordination with your “village” (if they’re available) to make date-night happen. (I ain’t even kidding). So about three weeks ago when our open-air cinema plans fell through, but we still had a secured babysitter for the night, we grabbed at the opportunity to finally pop in at the hot and fine, Jackal& Hide.

View from across the street at night

View from across the street at night

From the moment you enter from atop the stairs, you’re immediately struck by the Continue reading

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Bread and Butter: A kid-friendly eatery where you can have your bread buttered on both sides and eat your cake too!


So after eyeing this joint for more than two years, I finally made my way to bread and butter in November last year, and have been back multiple times ever since. And if you ever go there (or keep reading), you’d understand why… Continue reading


Everyone’s a braai master at Galbi

So back in July I celebrated yet another trip around the sun. More importantly to note, I got to spend it with a bunch of great people Im grateful to call friends, at an awesome little restaurant called Galbi’s. It was an evening of hands-on fun and great food!

But that evening of awesomeness almost didn’t happen. You see, truth be told, Continue reading


Our hot date at NV-80 Grill & Bar


So in keeping with the “date-nights-during-the-day” vibe of our last date, hubby and I were fortunate enough to steal away again on a cold but sunny Saturday afternoon a good few weeks ago. As any parent would agree, these “just the two of you” times are so rare, that when you get it, you don’t want to waste it on half-assed service or “meh” food. The way, and the where you spend it has got to tick all the boxes and be worth your while. So when we chose NV-80, it certainly didn’t disappoint!

This is the latest offering from Continue reading


Food & Romance at La Mouette

The highly recommended, La Mouette

The highly recommended, La Mouette

Who says dates nights have to be actual nights?

When babysitters at night are few, and all but gone AWOL, and night-time adult-time is not looking good on your horizon, don’t dis-count the option of romance in broad day light!

It was our anniversary a few months back and baby wasn’t even THREE months old yet. We were still in the midst of the crazy existence of becoming a family of four. But we knew we needed this break away. So when hubby booked us a table at the charming La Mouette, I did my best to polish my terribly sleep-deprived postpartum-self up! Continue reading


A tastebud fiesta at The Mexican on Long

With the rare winter sun shining, and our brains all mushed by the work week – being such diligent workers that we are, we were in need of some injection of fun (and food), and decided to make a meal outta lunchtime, as it were, by heading out to The Mexican on Long for a quick bite.

Ive been wanting to head out to this establishment ever since I spotted it since my return from maternity leave, so I was beyond happy when the group all decided on it. Because whether, it was Continue reading