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Pregnant with a Hankering for Beer…(And tips to help you shake it!)

mdeIf you recall, I had a serious craving for beer a few months back, like just say the word beer, and my mouth would start salivating. Isn’t it enough that I already have what looks like a beer boep?…now I still have a desperate craving for BEER that could very well rival that of Homer’s on any given Sunday. And I mean, I don’t just crave like, oh a block of chocolate would do nicely right about now kind of craving…No, I’m talking, like the smell of beer gets me drooling; The sound of my hubby cracking open a cold one has me all Pavlov’ing and running just to come sniff it. I’m talking, I watch my hubby drink his beer, lustfully (the beer, not him)…(I mean him too, but, you know, more the beer right then.) the point that I can see it makes him feel uncomfortable being watched like that. Sometimes I interrupt him just to ask for a sniff…Sooo close to my lips, I could easily just slip in a sip right? But I don’t, cause: Preggers!! So I just silently watch him , smacking my lips unconsciously and sniffing deep sniffs until he eventually finishes it quickly to make me stop.

Quite an existence to have right? Well, thankfully that’s Continue reading


Life after Death: That First Scan of Baby…

Man on man, that first scan! Isnt it some thing? Moms who’ve had the quintessential joy of seeing baby appear up on that screen would understand why I suffer from a lack words here in trying introduce it. For there truly are no words that seem adequate enough to honestly capture how the world seems to stop spinning; how conversations tend to fade into the background, and how tunnel vision kicks in, as your eyes focus wholly and solidly on that pure personification of love just wiggling on that screen.

Words will always fall flat when you try to describe to anyone. Only those that themselves have felt it before, know how much it truly moves you to the core to see that life within you confirmed before your very eyes. And no matter how many times you do this, I’ll wager that it never fades. In fact, considering my Continue reading


The Reality of Valentines Day When You’re Married with Children (and Pregnant)


So there was a constant chatter amongst the men in my office, about V-day plans this past Tuesday. To be honest, there was little interest on my part, mostly because Mike and I already kind of had like an unspoken agreement that there will be no frills this year. Not planned as such, it’s just that we stay real about it: if we feel it, then we’re all in, and if we’re not feeling it, then we’re happily chilling together. This year was definitely a chill year. But, I digress slightly. So towards the end of the day, I wheel over to my one colleague who’s pretty much on the same wavelength as me and ask, so? Plans? He slowly turns his gaze to me, and through half-cocked-desperate-for-sleep eyes manages to shake his head with a “no”. He adds, “all I want to do is get home and sleep.”

I giggled in absolute solidarity and understanding of the familiar Continue reading


Pregnancy Update: Week 13, 12 and the rest of those blurry earlier weeks…

Every morning throughout this first trimester has become a bit of mental battle to part ways with my bed. With her, my bed, being the goddess of rest and recuperation, and all things warm and cosy, welcoming me with loving arms each time I step into my room, you’d understand that it becomes hard to peel myself away from her. But between my several alarms, and my ever-present desperate urge to not get stuck in two hour traffic, I self-talk myself through every re-adjustment of my body so that my limbs and joints are aligned enough to eventually do a rough velco rip from my bed’s loving grasp…without putting my back out, of course. ‘Cause with pregnancy hormones raging through my body, putting my back out from doing basically nothing, is totally a reality that is just waiting to happen.

As you can tell, I’m still experiencing the new rush of hormones, as well as all the wonder of pregnancy in all it’s glory…yes, in all its sleepy, exhausted, was-that-chloroform, just-shoot-me-now glory. I’m 13 weeks now, but have only just recently crawled out of my Continue reading


Family news…

Team Porter is getting a new member…

Baby Number 3 Announcement
It is with the sleepiest of eyelids, the most exhausted body and great excitement that I get to share with you that we will be adding to our brood! So excuse us, while we day dream our days away until August, when we finally get to meet this little one face to face in one huge snuggle fest.

And if our sweet little pictorial announcement up there is anything to go by, Continue reading


Gone fishing…


Learning to manage my energy

Gone fishing…or whatever else it is that people go do to disconnect and re-energise themselves.

Seriously, folks…I had all good intentions of posting my annual “To Parker-Grace on your birthday” post today- a post I’ve written in my head a thousand times this past month. Each time it sounding so perfect in my head – encapsulating her character, her quirks, the effect she had on us all, and personifying our love for her in a way that only love-drunk mom minds could conjure up…and yet, I couldn’t even get myself to sit down in front of my pc to manifest it into real written word. My brain. Was. Dead. …Is dead. So even my Halloween warm up post- that’s already been written last Wednesday, all the photos captured. Even titled, “Halloween: Almost GAME TIME!” – just sits here in draft. Looking at me like a hungry puppy just waiting for my green signal to “Go!” But I look at that post, and I can’t be sure it’s any good, if it Continue reading