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Life right now – The Maternity Leave Edition

“Life right now” posts give me poetic license to just ramble. There’s no particular theme to it all. There’s no dramatic crescendo – so sorry to leave you hanging if that’s what you came here looking for. It’s more a bit like being on the couch with me, with feet folded under our bums, one hand animatedly gesturing and echoing my words, whilst the other hand caressing a wine glass, or mug of coffee (depending on how tired I am) – and the mind just flows forth with mutterings of…well, our life right now. Our highs, lows, laughs and ponderings. Hope you stay a while for them…I promise I make a great cuppa, or will only serve the best wine. So pull in and get comfy!

Life right now? Im currently in the throws of sleep training. I’m on my 6th coffee as I type this, while simultaneously eyeballing our family calendar that’s pretty chock-a-block full from now all the way through till December. Half excited, half oh-my-fekking-gahd-what-have-i-agreed-to. Because, yes even though Ive got a newborn that’s still on demand feeding, I decided I could also do backstage make up for my big girl’s concert on not one but TWO nights, agreed to parties and other backstage preps. And still go for training in the evening to ensure I don’t balls it up too much on the day. I was this close to volunteering for her ballet performance, but fortunately I was too fast asleep at the time that they requested volunteers. All this right after I’ve recently hosted our annual Halloween party and Parker’s fourth birthday party the very next week thereafter. (post coming soon). Oh, and Im going back to work in a few days time. #ShockHorrorDisbelief

Im still in a absolute state of denial that Im leaving this life behind me:

So yeah, THAT’S how life is right now.

Throw in a good measure of Continue reading



Momming so hard

With the birth of our third child, came a wave of busy-ness that I was so prepared to ride…Like, bring it on! In fact, I was actually looking forward to it. Crazy? Maybe. But it was what I had always envisioned when dreaming of having a large family. (not that three is large (IMHO), but it certainly is the start thereof. I mean, anything that has the adults of the home outnumbered, is a good start to a large family, right?)

In my visions, I saw myself enrobed in the complex flurry of motherhood where I was Continue reading


Going from two to three (and how we make it work)

 I feel like I’m supposed to stick a stake a ground and speak about this great and mighty tectonic shift in our realities..this move from two kids to three. Because yes, there has been this monumental shift in our lives- in our home- we’ve added another child, and are now officially outnumbered. Although, my mom may argue we still have a spare arm bwtn mike and myself.  But in truth,and at the risk of sounding clichéd,its as if we are as it was always meant to be ….as if she’s always been here.

Maybe it’s all in my head that Continue reading


The Blur of Newborness

Cloud nine, is where you put me, baby!

You know it’s coming, you know what you’re in for – especially if youre not a first timer. And even more so if this is your third time around. But you’re never truly really prepared and whenever you try to quantify it for someone else who has not quite walked this path yet, it becomes tricky to actually explain where all your time goes. How the clock has ticked over a solid 24 hours and you’re still in jammies, and not sure if you’ve even left the room other than for the bathroom yet. But that newborn blur is real.

And such is the life once you welcome that little babums into your world; Feeds bleed into one another, as Continue reading


What the Hell Happened to My Sleep?! AKA: When Good little Sleepers go Bad

Guys, I’m not entirely sure how it all happened, but we went from revelling in the sweet triumph over one of parenting’s greatest feats – babies and toddlers who happily sleep through the night for 10 to 12 hours straight – to suddenly eating the dirt of pure defeat now with kids that fight night time sleep like they’re getting paid to do it.

And there’s us- Mikey and me- left feeling even more drained than normal.

What I think might have happened was that, as each night passed with Continue reading

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And just like that…I’m 37

Note: This was written and supposed to be posted on the evening of the 5th July already. However, clearly I was in too much of a hurry to get celebrating to even note that I did in fact NOT publish it. Only realised that today. So here you go, a late birthday post.

As with so many of my other birthdays, this one arrived a little unannounced. Like a suprise package. (Save for hubby’s divine breakfast in bed he always brings me.) Don’t ask me how, because, Lawd knows how anyone can let their birthday slip their mind. But it does. Every year. Well, almost. Maybe my love for suprises runs so deep that I try to suprise myself by suppressing the knowledge of my own birthday? Who knows. But thanks to my Chiro this past Monday for reminding me!

He even asked what my plans were, and I was like, “well a few months ago I had grand plans, but I forgot. (Ever happen to you? Happens to me all the time.) And now I only have two days left to think of something. Snap!“. So yeah, nothing really big planned. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some birthdays – even my own. I usually look forward to it with the same excitement as that of a little kid. But you know how this parenting gig goes – it’s all consuming. And alot of those peripheral Continue reading


Pregnant with a Hankering for Beer…(And tips to help you shake it!)

mdeIf you recall, I had a serious craving for beer a few months back, like just say the word beer, and my mouth would start salivating. Isn’t it enough that I already have what looks like a beer boep?…now I still have a desperate craving for BEER that could very well rival that of Homer’s on any given Sunday. And I mean, I don’t just crave like, oh a block of chocolate would do nicely right about now kind of craving…No, I’m talking, like the smell of beer gets me drooling; The sound of my hubby cracking open a cold one has me all Pavlov’ing and running just to come sniff it. I’m talking, I watch my hubby drink his beer, lustfully (the beer, not him)…(I mean him too, but, you know, more the beer right then.) the point that I can see it makes him feel uncomfortable being watched like that. Sometimes I interrupt him just to ask for a sniff…Sooo close to my lips, I could easily just slip in a sip right? But I don’t, cause: Preggers!! So I just silently watch him , smacking my lips unconsciously and sniffing deep sniffs until he eventually finishes it quickly to make me stop.

Quite an existence to have right? Well, thankfully that’s Continue reading