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What the Hell Happened to My Sleep?! AKA: When Good little Sleepers go Bad

Guys, I’m not entirely sure how it all happened, but we went from revelling in the sweet triumph over one of parenting’s greatest feats – babies and toddlers who happily sleep through the night for 10 to 12 hours straight – to suddenly eating the dirt of pure defeat now with kids that fight night time sleep like they’re getting paid to do it.

And there’s us- Mikey and me- left feeling even more drained than normal.

What I think might have happened was that, as each night passed with Continue reading


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Mo’ more milkies: We kicked the milk bottle habit


Bye-bye, bottle! 7 Tips to kick the habit.

Guys, t’is done… The great kicking of one epic toddler milk bottle habit has been done, and gone down into the parental victory history books. No more milk bottles in our house, or as my girl would say, “Mo’ more milkies!” Granted, this historic event happened long since I’ve even typed this up, but it was a momentous one for us. And, I mean anything that helps restore sleep and sanity back into a parent’s life is worth noting, right? Right.

But now, you may probably envision me with ragged face, and ripped clothes, with the toll of the bottle-battle all smeared across my worn-down body? Because, you may have assumed there was this Continue reading


How to get more than one kid to bed – STAT- with your sanity still intact

IMG_6688So you’ve had a kid, been through the mill with said first kid; You got this one to in a great bedtime routine, sleeps sans any sleep props, through the night for 10 or more hours straight (or whatever you deem decent)- and now you’re feeling like king-freakin-ding-a-ling of your very own baby sleep championships! And so you should, all ye’ weary ones! Those parents with the Droopy dog dark circles and bags under the eyes know very well that you deserve that gold freakin’ star! I mean at the end of the day, when one’s energy is waning, one still can’t help but feel like you’re winning when bedtime routine goes smoothly, right?

So, you’ve got the whole Continue reading


The great migrate…a tale of baby sleep and a sleep-friendly nursery

The rare but oh so sweet moments when beasty number two actually sleeps in the car.

The rare but oh so sweet moments when beasty number two actually sleeps in the car.

Beasty number two is almost six months old already. Almost. So that means Im a mere two weeks away from her brain cementing those strong associations she’s been making, particularly associations wrt sleep arrangements. So I best bust a move! That is, if I value Continue reading