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Winner of the Family Fun Pass to the #IceAdventure is…

Hey, oh hi there, parent in need of something fun to keep the kids busy with in this, the last stretch of the school holidays…Did you enter our giveaway? Yes? Well then you could be the one that walks away with that fun family pass! That’s IF your name happens to be… Continue reading



The Winner of the Mother’s Love Portrait Session with Josie Photography is….

This has certainly been one of my favourite giveaways I’ve done. Not only because I think Josie is super sweet and talented, but also because, I have a major crush on all things photographic. My friends and family all know this, hence I was given my very first camera at 8 years old! It’s pity though that my skills still don’t at all match up to my obsession yet – but one day!..Now, marry that love of photography with my other obsession of family,and particularly my children, and what you have is a winning combination of note: Gorgeously captured portraits of you (yes, you, MOM) perfectly in frame WITH your darling kiddums. It’s something I would wish for every mother (and dad) out there. But unfortunately there can only be one such lucky winner. So without further chit-chatter, the winner of the Mother’s Love portrait session with Josie Photography WITH a mini- makeover session with professional hairstyling and make-up, is…. Continue reading


Second chances at Summer: Our Summer Holiday Bucket List

2016-06-09 10.52.00

Do you know what I’m loving especially about the fact that we’re going this time of the year to my sister? Well, aside from that I miss her and her family so terribly much, and just cant wait to hold her and squeeze her, and huddle over indulgent breakfasts at her breakfast table in our jammies, WITH our mom, to talk until her hubby and the cows comes home again, and the fact that she’ll finally get to meet my children? Well, it’s that we land smack bang at the start of their summer!

Meaning, we get to have a bit of an extended summer…or at the very least a second chance at summer – so all those little fun things that we didn’t get to do during our’s is now ripe for the picking!

Thing is, I didn’t think of it in that way, until my  Continue reading

Christmas Eve: when things don’t go the way you planned

IMG_20151224_234733What a day it was. Christmas, that is. It always is, isn’t it!? In fact, Im still recovering from it, so much so I haven’t even gone through any of the day’s pix yet – I know, right?! THAT never happens! So, while I’m still recovering and preparing for our big family reunion, let me share a bit of our Christmas eve with you instead:

“Its, ok, its still going to turn out great!” That was me on repeat to my mom, as each little thing she attempted to make on Christmas eve was “flopping”. Which was quite odd actually, since my mom was the one who taught me about silver linings and not sweating the small stuff.

Christmas was at her’s this year, so as the host she was in the thick of things to get it all Christmassy. And yet, she couldn’t find her Continue reading

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Easy family time at Meerendal Farmer’s Market

I promise they had an awesomely fun time, despite those faces you see here.


So this market is not exactly your sprawling lawns, with stalls as far as the eye can see kind of market. No. But that is exactly what I LOVE about it! Because,honestly, there are days when we just don’t feel like the crowds, or the hipster buzz, or being spoilt for choice. I know that sounds weird…Normally that’s some of the best bits to a market, right? But ya know, when you’re really tired from a work week, one that’s been peppered with one too many sleep deprived nights courtesy of parentlife, and all the other responsibilities and commitments that go with it, sometimes we just don’t have the energy to navigate anything too big. But we know the kids need to get out of the house as much as we do. Yes? Well, then Meerendal Farmer’s Market is just the thing for you!

It’s got a little bit of everything, caters sufficently for entertaining kiddies, and certainly does satisfy any Continue reading