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Soft Kissable Lips with this Natural Homemade Lip Balm Recipe


An easy natural lip balm tutorial

So if you haven’t noticed it, yet, I’m kind of like a DIY junkie…Maybe it’s my naturally crazy, ever-present need to make stuff that has for some strange reason just stepped up a notch. Or maybe it’s the lack of my sweat dripping on some studio floor somewhere, or the mommy-sanity levels are out of whack, and I need a creative release somehow …I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about DIY that gives me some sort of wild ride of satisfaction lately…also when I start loosely using the term “wild ride” with “DIY” in one sentence, then it should be apparent to you that I may need to get out some more. Or, like go jump off a bridge or something. Not sure, but my need to make shizz finally just met my intrigue with natural products. They got hot and heavy, and from them, their lovechild, natural homemade lip balm, was born!!!

Now if you could imagine that last bit of my introduction done in a skit Continue reading



Chocolate Cookie pops that make a cute little handmade Valentine’s Day gift…


…Or a just because :cookies!

So Im off to a bit of a late start with our Valentine’s Day Spread the Love mission – but rushing off from meetings to spend the afternoon with your kiddy in the ER will do that to you! So with a little anaesthetic and a few stitches later, my beasty was ready to help me ( and small beast) whip up a batch of Valentines Day goodies again.
Last Valentines, we went with a delicious Almond Cookie recipe, but this year, I found this cool Continue reading


Getting crafty: Valentines Day cookies with the kids

Ok, so this might not be a craft strictly speaking. I suppose it belongs more under the bake section. But none the less, your kids will still have loadsa fun messing in the flour and butter goop, and cookie cutting. (all whilst still stimulating their tactile senses)
Kids entertained AND stimulated?? Double WIN!

Its a plain and simple vanilla almond cookie, decorated in honour of Valentines Day. Perfect little gift for Continue reading