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Love Day Berry Pie

IMG_20160225_153122Its still the month of love, and what better way to bring it to a close than with some comforting pastry treats, like this little love pie with it’s warm and welcoming crust, that oozes sweet & tangy berry sauce.

It’s the perfect way to end off a Valentine’s day lunch, and an even sweeter way to celebrate a woman we all love. A honeypot of a woman who has all our hearts indeed: My sweet mother-in-law.

It’s her birthday Continue reading



Chocolate Cookie pops that make a cute little handmade Valentine’s Day gift…


…Or a just because :cookies!

So Im off to a bit of a late start with our Valentine’s Day Spread the Love mission – but rushing off from meetings to spend the afternoon with your kiddy in the ER will do that to you! So with a little anaesthetic and a few stitches later, my beasty was ready to help me ( and small beast) whip up a batch of Valentines Day goodies again.
Last Valentines, we went with a delicious Almond Cookie recipe, but this year, I found this cool Continue reading

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Valentines day gift ideas for that special pregnant lady in your life

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Yeah, sure, there are soooo many excellent gift ideas out there, for all the women in the world, from the sweet to the sexy & sultry. But maybe that box of chocolates are just not going to do it this year. Or maybe you, yourself, are just looking for something different this year for the preggo in your life…Because sometimes…and only just sometimes (lol)…chocolate body paint with whipped cream (and actual whips) as a V-day gift just won’t go down as well with your lovely preggy boo. So just to help those awesome partners out there who are keen to spoil their bumpalicious lovelies, but are a little stumped as to what to get them this Valentines, have a look at the list below. Continue reading


Date Night Ideas: Valentines Day

So, with valentines day but a day away,my minds obviously reeling what hubs ‘n I could possibly do for the day. You know, to keep the magic alive, fires burning and other such metaphors.

We don’t truly buy into the whole commercialism of the day, and yes “everyday SHOULD be valentines”, but I’m a sucker for holidays, so we Continue reading