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Nibbly Bits: Great treats at great prices

I couldn't agree more!

I couldn’t agree more!

[Updated: Check out their Facebook page! See details below]

So on one extremely rare occasion that I breezed through traffic after work, I ended up with an extra 30 minutes before I would normally pick up my DD from creche and  race back home to relieve the nanny. So whats a girl to do but shop, of course!..Sadly, it was just of the grocery store variety. But on my way in I noticed a new little store called Nibbly Bits, out in Parklands/Sunningdale area along the West Coast…or it could be not-so-new, as I hardly get to truly explore like I used to. None the less, it was new to me, and it’s rows and rows of cookies, essentially grabbed me by the lapels and pulled me in! To my delight, that was not all it had in store for me! Continue reading



Chicken Korma Curry recipe for baby and the whole family

I know what you’re thinking, “a curry? For a baby?”. Yip.If you haven’t heard of korma yet,it’s a curry paste that makes for a pretty gentle curry, that’s baby-friendly, packed with flavour and a great way to add diversity to your bub’s palate. Best of all this dish only takes about 20 min cooking time. These are all things you want to hear when Continue reading