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Easy family time at Meerendal Farmer’s Market

I promise they had an awesomely fun time, despite those faces you see here.


So this market is not exactly your sprawling lawns, with stalls as far as the eye can see kind of market. No. But that is exactly what I LOVE about it! Because,honestly, there are days when we just don’t feel like the crowds, or the hipster buzz, or being spoilt for choice. I know that sounds weird…Normally that’s some of the best bits to a market, right? But ya know, when you’re really tired from a work week, one that’s been peppered with one too many sleep deprived nights courtesy of parentlife, and all the other responsibilities and commitments that go with it, sometimes we just don’t have the energy to navigate anything too big. But we know the kids need to get out of the house as much as we do. Yes? Well, then Meerendal Farmer’s Market is just the thing for you!

It’s got a little bit of everything, caters sufficently for entertaining kiddies, and certainly does satisfy any Continue reading



Kid friendly spots: Weltevreden Estate Review

So about two weekends ago we went on an epic family playdate. I had read quite a bit about Weltevreden Estate, religiously stalked their facebook page and so had been wanting to go for some time now. So when my buddy suggested we do a reconn mission there for a possible birthday venue for her DD, it was on like donkey kong!!

As you drive into the estate, you’ll be sufficiently charmed by the pretty little dutch style building that greets you. It sets the mood, and clearly holds a promise of a great venue. Parking was pretty easy, and is more Continue reading


Date Night Ideas: Valentines Day

So, with valentines day but a day away,my minds obviously reeling what hubs ‘n I could possibly do for the day. You know, to keep the magic alive, fires burning and other such metaphors.

We don’t truly buy into the whole commercialism of the day, and yes “everyday SHOULD be valentines”, but I’m a sucker for holidays, so we Continue reading


Kid friendly spot: Tables at Nitida

For those of you who are living under the same rock that I was up until July last year, and still dont know of the lovely eatery called Tables at Nitinda: firstly slap yourselves, then make your way on down to this gem of a place tucked in the Durbanville Winelands area, nested within the Nitida Wine Estate.

Got kids? Perfect! With the generous lawn that gives way to a cute little jungle gym and swings, your kids will be kept entertained and hopefully Continue reading