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Got something to say? Or ask me? Or maybe there are certain topics you’d love for me to cover? Or maybe there’s a product you’d reaaaaally like me to review? Then you are most welcome to contact me on email or twitter, anytime.

    Instagram: @traxgport

7 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hi are you receiving my emails about I have sent pictures, press releases and my blog entry. I am having AOL problems at present.


  2. Yes, thank you, look forward to it, we are on Miss February on the blog now, more awareness could really help with the fund raising x


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  4. Hello, you have a wonderful blog I’m so glad I came across it. I’m currently looking for a private midwife are you able to give me Marchas number please? Thank you!!


  5. Thank you Sun! Hope you stick around😉Unfortunately Marsha retired. But I will recommend Birth Options. A team of incredible midwives that I’ve used for Parker-Grace and Yuriko-Mae now. Love them to bits! Google their contact deets, they are out in southern suburbs,but i found that they are worth the drive if you’re not close by. Also congrats on your pregnancy (I’m assuming you are😬) All the best with finding a midwife. Keep in contact about it. X


    • Thanks so much. I am 15w and wanting to go the natural route so so glad I came across your post and managed to get an apt with Dr dumbrill. I also had a bad experience with my previous gynae so was glad to read your positive feedback regarding Dr dumbrill. Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey through your pregnancies for a first time mom to be it’s been so nice to have access to such a great blog 🤗🤗


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