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The Easter Bunny’s Goody List 2017

Its that time of the year again, when Easter Bunny is needing a bit of help with his Easter basket shipments. And who am I to not to step in and help the brother out.

Also, we’re only just around the corner from Easter, so if you’re like me, and leave most things to the last minute, or maybe youre just generally still struggling to think of what to fill your kids baskets up with this year, fear not, I have your back! I tend to keep ours simple. Thereby, keeping the costs a little bit more at bay and the Continue reading



Our Favourite Easter Book Picks

easterbookscoverpicHow do you teach your children about Easter? I mean like Easter Bunny and cute, fluffy little chicklets aside, how do you convey the true message of Easter over to your wee little ones? I mean, its quite a heavy story to put over, right? Especially when they’re really still so small – mine are two and four years old. But, don’t be fooled into thinking that they won’t be able to grasp it, and that Easter Bunny and chocolates is about it. Oh boy, can they grasp it. I would probably hedge a bet and say that it very likely just depends on the level of abstraction at which you pitch it.

What I found was that for kiddums, and I’m sure for Continue reading