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The Torch of Family Tradition and How to Dye your Easter Eggs (the super easy way)

If you’ve been following this blog for some time now, you’d know that it’s a Grammer family tradition to decorate the Breakfast Easter eggs before chowing down on them. There are some truly sweet and vivid memories that come with those Easter traditions of my family- and I always talk about it on here. So needless to say, I’ve ensured that, that torch of tradition keeps burning with this, our little, family.

Granted, I’ve not passed on all of my family traditions. I mean, like, I am yet to tackle hot cross buns on my own as a married woman- as much as I swear I WILL one day!. And pickled fish… well, home-made pickle fish may not find its way into my home just yet. Especially when Continue reading



Easter Basket Ideas


Love the idea of an Easter Basket, but not sure what to put in, or you’re running out of ideas? Well, then read on!

We’re steadily hopping down that bunny trail all the way to Easter. If fact, do you realise, it’s NEXT week?! Well, it is, and despite how much all the stores’ well-merchandised and prettily stocked shelves would like to remind me, it actually only hit me this week just how close we are!

So in my efforts to have all my shit together this year, and not scoot around the house like a maniac the day before,trying to Continue reading


Easter Bunny Crunch – a quick and easy alternative to the humble Easter Egg

20140419_105029 (1)-01Ok, sure, you’re not going to be able to teach them the signifigance of why Easter eggs are hollow with this one, nor are you going to be able to use this as an opportunity to teach your kids why we even use EGGS at all as a symbol for Easter, but damnit, life happens, you know?

Life happens where you just don’t get the time to go to Continue reading