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The back to front Easter

This year, there was no early morning puffy eyed, pyjama clad beasties tumbling into our bed, ready to check if they could find any tell tale bunny paw prints around the house. Nope. None of that. I could say, it was because one small beasty kept us all up till past 1am in the morning with her shenanigans (“But its fffun to play in your bed,mama!”. (Yes, 1am – what in the effing eff?). But no, it was actually because, our newest and most darling little nephew was being baptised this easter.What a special baptism to be held on Easter. What a special Easter!

Meaning early morning treks called for ripping poor littles from their sweet dreamland state. Something I hate doing, but being god-parents meant that Continue reading



Keeping Easter Traditions Alive

baskethunt-01I know what you’re probably thinking, “Easter? Still? Really?” That’s so last week right? So yes, it’s pretty much a distant memory for most, I understand, but here I am blogging about it anyhow. Then again judging from my feburary post of past, this may be a trend with me. Does it really matter, though? Because, honestly, post-holiday reflection is actually where its at! It holds so much promise of more sweetness to be wrung up from them. Yes, I live fully and deliberately in the moment, but I often feel like a lot of life’s sweetness lingers on in its after taste – looking back on the fine moments that life gifted you with. Probably, one of the many reasons I take far too many photographs.

Photographs, for me, keep those memories crystal clear. They act like an instant worm hole where Continue reading