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But I wanted Blue Balloons…A Mother’s Confession

Yes, in case youre wondering, I’m back on to our recent gender reveal of our third baby. Hope Im not boring you with it already, but there’s just so much more to that day. It was seriously a fun and lovely day…but I wasn’t kidding when I said it was emotionally taxing. Yes, for the girls, for sure. Their reaction was something else – something I wasnt quite prepared for. (read here). In fact, I was a bit blind sided at first. But, what you might not know, is that it was a bit hectic for me too. And please make no mistake, I am no liar – I truly am beyond filled with joy that we are having another girl. And I guarantee you, it would the same if it was a boy. In fact, I feel a touch horrid for even voicing this, but I’m also Ok voicing it -if you know what I mean…But I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t secretly hoping it WOULD be a boy.

Maybe you’re judging me because of that confession right there.*Trax bracing for the judgement* And whilst I won’t truly Continue reading



My five year old doesn’t want a Baby Sister – The aftermath of our Gender Reveal Party

Can we talk about THIS photo?!

Remember our sweet little Balloon Gender Reveal of the other day? The one with all the cute photos, and priceless expressions? Yeah, well, just look THOSE faces up there – I need to talk about this photo!

I mean, if ever the saying, “a picture speaks a 1000 words” was to be demonstrated, then this is the poster boy shot depicting just that!

You see, these two little girls of ours really had their hearts set on Continue reading


Gender Reveal: Girl or Boy, you already bring us JOY!

Guys, to say that I am emotionally spent after this weekend of gender revealing (and God-parent prepping for our new gorgeous lil’ nephew), would be an understatement of note. For I surely am!! But in a good way. Absolutely in a good way! It was a bit exhilarating actually.

And it felt good to feel this way again. In fact, it feels like it’s been a while. With the exception of actually seeing two lines on a peed-on stick, the last time I felt like this was maybe for our last big Continue reading


Is it a Boy or a Girl?!?! (Oh My Shattered & Excited Nerves of Joy!)

Guys, I can’t even hide it! We’re on the verge of finding out the gender of our latest team member, and Im all giddy about it. Sure, I’ve got deadlines looming, and all the reason to be thunderclouding right about now…But the truth is there is nothing that can detract from my sheer excitement of what’s about to unfold. All my brain is focussed on, is that little black envelope!

So, yes, those stupidly excited mugs up there? That’s real, unposed excitement of a mom and dad who are thrilled to find out the gender of their little bambino on the way. And yes, knowing that just one quick peek into that envelope could just put me out of my “misery” is kind of killing me softly, BUT my love for suprises will probably carry me through all the way to our actual gender reveal moment. So I. Will. Not. Crack! (despite my buddies insistence on just handing the envelope to her) 🙂 Although, truth be told, it’s not really for us…it’s more for Continue reading