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A Decision to Birth at Home

As any parent would gladly offer up to you, the path to parenthood is well-laden with poigniant decisions that need to be made. All of which are always so personal and unique to the dynamic of your own little family. And in a perfect world, we could all share our decisions, if we so choose to, without fear of judgement or ignorant side comments tossed our way. But alas, that is not the world we live in – and that’s ok, I guess… So against all good and sane advice, I’ve decided to go public with our decision to birth at home. Obviously all well-laid plans can go completely to shit in the birthing world – I am pretty firmly rooted in the land of reality, so I’m not oblivious to this. And that’s also ok – for I am also completely open to unpredictable nature and rhythms of birth. But mostly, I am deeply and strongly rooted in the confidence and belief I have in my body.

Although, that statement is more around birth itself, than around homebirth, isn’t it? So last night, when Mike very casually asked me, “so, Continue reading