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How to Avoid Tearing During Birth

Its enough to make you go all Michael Jackson-esque, and grab your own crotch and wince, right? You know? The thought of ripping that delicate flesh of…down there. At least that used to be my reaction as a youth, whenever I heard these horror stories of women who had birthed and torn themselves to seemingly shreds. And I mean, just looking at the stats of all the stories, it seemed like it was inevitable that a woman was to tear more often than not. Even as excited and relaxed as my view on birth had always been, that little factor of tearing, or worse yet, being SLICED open by the doc always seemed to be looming in the back of mind. Like a tiny little birth bogey man, grinning in the back shadows of my thoughts.

And I don’t think I was the only one who thought like that. Right? I mean, you still Continue reading



Parker-Grace’s Birth Story: A VIDEO chronicle of a peaceful Hypnobirth

Birth of Parker-Grace_142I’ve shared Morgan-Lee’s birth story with you(If you’ve missed it, start here.). It may be a bit long and verbose, but (hopefully) still beautiful. Admittedly, I don’t I think I actually did enough justice to its beauty. But I suppose, as with most birth stories, that may be something that a mother may never get right in the written word, and it will, instead, forever only live on, very clearly, in my head.

Parker-Grace’s birth story, however, I’ve decided that instead of letting you read it…I’ll show it to you! You know what they say about pictures and a thousand words, right? So perhaps I’ll let you do the maths on words for a video!!! It is a Continue reading