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Final Few Weeks of Preparation

36 weeks

Guys. I’m going to level with you – the nightmares I’ve had about this birth have made me feel a little anxious about this birth. And not like in the way of “oh, my gawd, birth is terrifying” – because if you knew me, or have followed along on this blog for any decent amount of time, you’d know that I only have happy thoughts and googoo eyes about birth. In fact, I see labour as one big day of celebration, happy dances and joy.

I know, not what you would normally hear – in fact, one of my dearest friends said at Continue reading



What went down at the Positive Birth Movement Event last Saturday

A great day out in Glencairn at Viper Lounge

A great day out in Glencairn at Viper Lounge

First off, what a bad ass venue they had for the event: The Viper Lounge, out in Glencairn. Imagine that, a bunch of midwives,doulas,mommas and preggos, hanging out, talking about the most empoweringly feminine act of all life events…at a biker hangout…LOVE it.Huge props to the awesome staff of Viper Lounge for hosting us all so warmly. But I suppose if you heard the beautiful stories of strength, determination, courage and never-say-die attitude that came from that bunch of women, I’d say they were pretty badass themselves. And so a good match for the venue!

Second off, I was Continue reading