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Flashback Maternity Photoshoot: When We Three Waiting To Be Four..

By good golly gosh…I cannot believe that this shoot was taken almost fours ago already. I also cant believe I just used the expression “golly gosh”. But life is filled with unbelievable tihngs. Unbelievable and also sometimes magical. And for those of you who follow me on Instagram, would know that we’ve just recently done our official maternity shoot for baby girl number three this past weekend – which by the way, I’m suspecting was pretty magical as well. (cant wait to see it!Eek! Excuse my excitement, but it’s no secret that I love photography!)

Marysol – Cape Town’s premier birth photographer– not only captured this recent one, but also did our last maternity shoot back in 2013. And we couldn’t have been more Continue reading


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Valentines day gift ideas for that special pregnant lady in your life

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Yeah, sure, there are soooo many excellent gift ideas out there, for all the women in the world, from the sweet to the sexy & sultry. But maybe that box of chocolates are just not going to do it this year. Or maybe you, yourself, are just looking for something different this year for the preggo in your life…Because sometimes…and only just sometimes (lol)…chocolate body paint with whipped cream (and actual whips) as a V-day gift just won’t go down as well with your lovely preggy boo. So just to help those awesome partners out there who are keen to spoil their bumpalicious lovelies, but are a little stumped as to what to get them this Valentines, have a look at the list below. Continue reading