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Preggo’s Log, the Wedding Edition: Week 17 and Ready to Boogie!

Guys, it’s like the veil has totally lifted…And by veil, I mean, you know, that veil of sleep and lethargy that whilst it lightened up a very tiny bit before, has now fully let go of its vice like grip on me….So any of you preggos out there wondering when the dickens you’re going to feel less like death again, then just hold tight till week 17! I’ts like I’m fully morphed back into being human again. Albeit, a rather rounder, larger human being. But a human being, none the less. Which is super awesome as it just happens to coincide with our good buddy’s long awaited holy union in the same week. Meaning I could live it up at my fave kinda event:Weddings!

Not to mention, amazeball venues: Hello, Cavalli Wine Estate! Have you ever been? You’ve got to go! And then there’s the whole spit Continue reading