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Goji Spa:Pregnancy massage’s best kept secret


Follow the large sign like bread crumbs to natural treatment bliss

Follow the large sign like bread crumbs to natural treatment bliss

A few months ago, a heavily pregnant me was super psyched to be let in on an awesome tip for preggy massage at an establishment called Goji Spa.

I dont know about you , but when Im preggo Im in even greater need for some healing hands to ease up the hip and lowerback aches, or that lovely pain in the butt, courtesy of the sciatic nerve. Gotta love the suprise factor of that shooting pain bugger,eh?!

I already have a go-to guy for all sorts of sports and non-sports injuries. In fact, that man is practically a genius in my books when it comes to sorting out muscular issues. Only thing is, with a burgeoning tummy, I was unable to lie flat on my front, and thus unable to truly benefit from his deep tissue massage technique. So when Nicolette Hadden of Beautifully born told us that Goji Spa have a special pregnancy massage table with a HOLE in it, all the preggos in the room uniformly perked up to take note of the contact details of this place!

Unfortunately, as life goes when you are tight friends with Murphy and his law, time flew, our beautiful baby no. two was born, and gone was my big, beautiful belly. Thus, organizing a massage on that table for myself now just seemed silly. However, my darling friend was still preggers, and I figured she might enjoy a treatment on that table.

In exchange, I asked that she would share her experience with us, so that we could all vicariously enjoy it through her…So, whilst I cannot give a personal account of this experience, I trust her opinions wholeheartedly, and you should too! So, please welcome my guest blogger for today, Bibbs:

So…I finally find myself in my third trimester, 37 weeks pregnant to be exact. I am swollen and stiff everywhere, and I do mean EVERYWHERE. I am always out of breath, most uncomfortable and in desperate need of TLC. At this final stretch, I need some form of salvation to make me feel like a human being again and not just a vessel for this little miracle growing inside of me.

Then, like the true angel that she is, my buddy buys me a pregnancy massage voucher to an amazing little place called Goji Spa. It is situated just above Woolworths at Willowbridge.



When I arrive at the spa, out of breath from climbing one tiny little flight of stairs, I am greeted with smiles and warmth from all the staff members. You can smell the relaxation in the air. My obvious breathless “Hello”, sends one of the staff members running over to me to offer me a much needed beverage of my choice:-) I am asked to complete a one page questionnaire about my current condition and overall well being and then my chosen massuese comes to fetch me.

Quick peek at the hair salon in passing.

Quick peek at the hair salon in passing.

As I walked to my massage room, I notice the decor on the walls. It is most tranquil and you can literally feel the knots start loosening in your neck just by looking around. I spot a little hairdresser on the way, which is one of the many services that Goji Spa offers.

When I enter the candle lit room, the soft hypnotic music and gentle smell of massage oils welcomes me. My masseuse explains to me how the pregnancy massage would differ from normal massages, by showing me the hole in the middle of the massage table. It is not just a big hole in the table, it actually has rubber bands across for the preggie tummy to rest on. You are also given the option of laying on your side. I must admit that the hole with the bands across looked a bit unsafe to me. She assures me it is safe and leaves the room for me to undress and make my [positional] choice and make myself comfortable.

There's a hole in your table, dear Liza-Jane

There’s a hole in your table, dear Liza-Jane

Ok, so I mentioned that I am huge and getting onto that bed was quite a mission. But, I maneuvered myself onto the table, placed my massive tummy in the “hole” and turned my head to the side. I firstly placed my chest(breasts) on the table, but that was a mistake. I placed my “ladies” with my tummy in the hole and was beginning to find my comfort. Surprisingly, the rubber bands did not place pressure on my belly as I initially thought it would. So ladies, do a little twisting to find your comfortable spot because what follows is sooooooo worth it.

I had a heavenly 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage. She applied medium pressure only, as the usual pressure to remove those nasty knots, could surely send you to the labour ward prematurely. I found myself lost in the soft music, massage oil fragrance, gentle hands and warm towel treatment . Wow…total bliss. I must add, that the oils used are natural oils safe to use on pregnant women. After my 30 minutes in heaven, I enjoyed a few hands full of Goji berries and lemon water. Mmmmm, refreshing.

After all is said and done they have already assessed my questionnaire and offer advise on any ailments listed and the treatments they have available together with a R100 to use as I please.

That was such a lovely little place that I would definitely recommend to all you weary pregnant woman:-)

Pamper party prep: I wish I was on this 7 year old's invitee list!

Pamper party prep: I wish I was on this 7 year old’s invitee list!


Thanks Bibbs. Now, preggers or not, I personally dont think you need to experience this vicariously. I think you should give these lovelies a call today and book it! They have varying lengths of treatments, starting from 30 min if you dont feel you could lie still for any longer than that. Or maybe you just need that hour long session…just DO IT!

Or if you’re in the area, why not just pop in by them instead? Im sure you wont want to leave without booking your slice of relaxation with them.

Preggo’s, you get to lie on your front! And you know when last that was possible, right?! Wait no more, go check them out this weekend!!!

What you need to know:

    Tel: 021 914 8606

    Website: Click here


    Address: Level 1, (Above Woolworths),
    Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre
    Tygervalley, Cape Town

    Directions (once you’re at Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre): Head towards Woolies, using the staircase just before Woolies, right in the middle, once at the top of the stairs, facing the Barnyard/Woolies, its off to the right in the corner.

    What did you do, or what are you doing to help relieve your pregnancy aches and pains? Do you know of other pregnancy massage establishments that are just simply awesome? Holler back in the comments section, and lets share!


    Author: mommabeartrax

    Mother of two (and counting), pregnant with the third and have a sweet little angel in heaven. A very happy wifey, blogger, lover of life and laughter, a clumsy swimmer, loyal friend, Im funnier in my head than I actually am, I am a qualified HypnoBirthing Child Birth Educator, I get inexplicably excited about good food, baking & crafts. Although, I think baking and crafts are just trying to fill a void that my Kenpo and gym-rat days used to fill. Lastly, according to the rest of the world, I fix your printer. But I'm actually a Software Architect.

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