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Warning: Dora the Explorer Birthday Party ideas coming soon!


La Fiesta!

La Fiesta!

[UPDATE: Link to all the party details dded further down into this post.]
Ssssssso, when it comes to birthdays within my family, there’s actually almost never a month (and sometimes not even a week) that doesn’t go by without a birthday being celebrated. Im really not even kidding about that.

Yes, this can be heavy on the pocket, but honestly, it is so rich in its soulfoodness, as it keeps my heart singing – what with all the family get togethers we end up having. This may often be a little tough on hubby, who’s used to a tiny family, but it’s an absolute thriving point for me!

Case in point: This past April alone, we wished his brother-in-law veels geluk, sang happy birthday to Mikey (on the beach,lunch,tea AND at Izakaya Matsuri) and then wished his incredible grandmothera happy 98 years the very next day. Now that we are in May, we’re getting ready for our eldest daughters fourth birthday!!! (Who also happens to share a birthday with my cousin..who’s son’s bday is only two days before my daughters bday…also, our nanny’s bday is just three days before that…And a dear friend’s after that…and, and , and…See what I mean?An endless supply of birthdays up in here…endless supply of birthday cake too!)

Understandably, we therefore, do not do parties for our kids every year. Every second year,maybe, with just cake and tea for family every other year. Although, according to my husband, with the size of my family, its already a party, no matter which way you slice it. Anyhoo, that means this year is no party, but it totally got me thinking of her Dora the Explorer party we did last year. (A post I started last year, and still remains in draft all this time…Clearly Im still trying to figure out this “live life AND blog timeously” thing.) It was a party that I’m still so proud of. Not only because it turned out wonderfully, despite all that challenges that came along…(ok, that too), but mostly because our bday girl totally loved it!

She really enjoyed the crap outta that party!! And that’s the jackpot that Im always after for all the kids parties I’ve ever organized over the years – that includes my own kids, as well as my nieces, nephews and friends.

Morgan-Lee, my eldest, was an insane Dora fan(now still recovering), so it was an absolute no-brainer to do a Dora the Explorer party. As always, I had a blast planning the party for 26 kids Yes, that’s 26! (And, yes, I do border on insanity when it comes to party planning)

I really wanted to capture the bright colours, the festiveness, the quirky mixes and the adventurous fun of Dora, without breaking the bank. Since budget and my creative mind were not aligned, I had to hold myself back a bit, but I feel it turned out pretty awesomely. I thought I’d share it with you, and hopefully inspire some ideas for YOUR own Dora the Explorer party planning.

Birthday girl

Birthday girl

In fact, if the signs of my youngest daughter are anything to go, we may very well end up giving her also a Dora the Explorer party for her 3rd birthday…I mean she was singing the theme song at 10 .5 months old already!! (for realsies) And her Dora-fan-dome, has not wilted in any way, shape or form since…

So if not then for you, my dear readers, then this post will at least serve myself fairly well for next year! 

So for all the Dora the Explorer party ideas and FREE template, click here!


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